iPhone Dev-Team: Our Unlock Beats purplesn0w

You may be in the market for a good iPhone unlock. Everyone likes to save money roaming overseas. Some of us just can't stand our current wireless carrier and want to break free. Turns out there's more than one solution available.

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Two of the top competing software packages have been released and they are very similar. Even their names, purplesn0w and ultrasn0w are so alike it can be confusing. Turns out that geohot, the developer of purplesn0w, released his source code.

The iPhone Dev-Team has examined this code and determined that their version, ultrasn0w is superior. Here are the reasons why the Dev-Team recommends the "official" ultrasn0w unlock:

ultrasn0w 0.9 works on both 3G and 3GS
Works on hacktivated devices
Works no matter how you have jailbroken your device
Doesn't require a separate patch for each new firmware
Doesn't install any additional programs in the background

It's possible your iPhone baseband will never crash using purplesn0w. However, read these facts regarding RAM usage from the Dev-Team blog:

geohot’s exploit overwrites an arbitrary block of memory one megabyte in size. The baseband has a total of eight megabytes of memory and every bit of it is earmarked for use... This means that eventually the area of memory geohot is using will be corrupted and 1 MB of baseband code will be corrupted (until the next reboot)...

ultrasn0w uses 152 bytes of properly malloc’d baseband RAM, which is 0.015% of what purplesn0w uses. Put another way, purplesn0w uses 6900 times more RAM than ultrasn0w (and doesn’t let the O/S know that it’s using it, so the O/S still thinks it’s free to use. When it does use it, the baseband will crash)...

We thank geohot for contributing to the scene once again. We don’t think purplesn0w is the right path, but it has certainly helped us improve ultrasn0w!

The iPhone Dev-Team strikes again! The ultrasn0w unlock is available now via Cydia on jailbroken devices using the repository repo666.ultrasn0w.com.