How to search tabs in Safari on iPhone

iPhone Safari search vertical

Finding the right tab in Safari can be difficult when many tabs are open. It can be downright impossible if your iOS device is running up against Safari's maximum tab limit. Luckily there is a simple way to search open tabs on the iPhone, right in the Safari app.

To quickly find an open tab, follow these steps to show the tab Search field in Safari:

    Method 1

  1. Launch the Safari app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  2. Tap the tabs button at the lower right to view open tabs
  3. iPhone Safari tabs
  4. Swipe down to scroll to the top of all open tabs, revealing the Search field
  5. Enter the text to search. Only the matching tabs will be displayed
  6. iPhone Safari search vertical

    Method 2

  7. Make sure Rotation Lock is OFF in the Control Center
  8. While looking at Safari tabs, rotate the iPhone to landscape orientation
  9. Tabs appear as thumbnails with the Search field above
  10. iPhone Safari search horizontal