iOS Review: Nonstop Chuck Norris

Nonstop Chuck Norris

Nonstop Chuck Norris is one of the worst games I have played on my iPhone. And trust me, I have played a lot of bad mobile games, but at least you can play most bad games. You "play" Nonstop Chuck Norris by tapping three buttons while occasionally equipping and updating your equipment. The rest of the time the game plays itself. It even plays when you're not playing.

You basically just watch a cartoon Chuck Norris run around fighting different goons. You do have 3 action buttons that you can tap to perform different moves, but most of the time Chuck is just kicking butt on his own. I wouldn't categorize this game as a "tapper," those can actually be fun. This is it's own category. A "nonstop" title. Just imagine an endless runner where the game jumps on its own.

Anything would have been better than this. Even one-tap controls where you tap to make Norris kick and punch. Instead we got a game where you slowly tap a button every few seconds. How exciting.

There are cool looking bosses that you don't really fight, and you can collect and upgrade weapons that you don't really use. You can also watch really long ads to earn more coins. How exciting. But why watch ads? Just turn off the app and the game will play itself and earn coins for you.

If you ever said, "I wish I could watch Chuck Norris run around in a horse mask while I earn coins," then this game is for you. If you wanted to actually play a game starring Chuck Norris then I don't know what to tell you.

This is the worst example of a freemium game I have ever "played."

Nontstop Chuck Norris is available for free on the App Store. Because lets be honest, who is going to pay for this garbage?