Kingdom Rush Vengeance updated with first mini-campaign

Maginicia Shores

The best part about the Kingdom Rush franchise is Ironhide Game Studio's constant support of its games. Ironhide is known for rolling out new content and updates for all of their games way after their initial release date, and on Thursday Kingdom Rush Vengeance received its first mini-campaign.

The campaign continues the adventures of Vez’nan and his evil conquest. This time the sorcerer has set his sights on the Anurians -- an ancient race that fled the mainland a long time ago. The Anurians control potent crystals that Vez’nan needs to continue with his plans.

The mini-campaign includes news stages and achievements, which have also been added to our official Achievements Guide. The first level in the mini-campaign are the deadly Maginicia Shores. The first stage is located on an island above Dena's Castle on the world map. Players must once again join forces with Vez’nan to take down King Polyx and his subaquatic army.

The update does not include any new towers or heroes.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the fourth game in the popular tower defense series. It is available for $4.99 on the Apple App Store.
Maginicia Shores

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