Apple extends AirPods Pro service program

AirPods Pro

Almost a year ago Apple initiated a repair program for AirPods Pro. A small percentage of users with AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020 reported problems with crackling or static noises, and Active Noise Cancellation not working properly. The repair program offers service to fix these issues once confirmed.

Initially the program covered affected AirPods Pro for up to two years after the first retail sale. Apple has quietly extended the program to three years, giving customers more time to discover and solve any problems they are experiencing.

Affected AirPods Pro owners can have their earphones checked for eligibility and replaced if necessary. Either one or both AirPods Pro exhibiting sound issues are covered by the program. Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Retail Stores can provide service in person, while Apple Support may provide other options.

Only AirPods Pro have this known issue, and are covered by the service program. AirPods Pro charging cases are not affected by the problem and not eligible for service or replacement.

AirPods Pro owners can follow troubleshooting steps to fix crackling or static noise. If all else fails, your AirPods Pro may be eligible for the free repair program.

Get more information on the AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues directly from Apple.