New Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Swiss Army Knife

If you have you ever wished your iPhone was more like Batman's utility belt then you should check out the ReadyCase Indiegogo campaign. The surprisingly thin case (less than 3mm thick) not only protects your iPhone, but it also crams in a multi-tool, a USB memory stick, a kickstand, a headphone clip and three lenses for the iPhone camera.


The case ships with a knife / screwdriver / bottle opener multi-tool, your choice of 8GB or 16GB memory stick (which doubles as a kickstand) and an integrated lens ring for attaching a variety of lenses (a macro lens, a fish eye lens and a wide angle lens) specifically designed to work with the iPhone. The case keeps is slim pocket-friendly design by allowing you to snugly attach the multi-tool and memory stick to the back of the case, and the headphone clip eliminates knotted cord headaches by keeping your EarPods tangle free.

What iPhone 5 Case Are You Going to Buy? A Few Suggestions!

The iPhone 5 gives Apple fans the perfect excuse to splurge on a new iPhone case, and as usual there is no shortage in options. iPhoneFAQ has been recommending the invisibleSHEILD from Zagg since 2010, and there is already an iPhone 5 version of the popular screen protector available. The invisibleSHEILD isn't really an "iPhone case," but it's a great way to protect your device from scratches and damage. Just like the previous iPhone screen protectors, the iPhone 5 version comes with a lifetime guarantee, and the same high-tech scratch proof capabilities. You can head over to to learn more about, or buy the invisibleSHEILD.

iPhone 5 Cases

If you're looking for a more traditional iPhone case OtterBox has released an iPhone 5 series. OtterBox is known for their high-quality smartphone cases. The iPhone 5 series offers the standard port protection with complete access to all functions, a polycarbonate skeleton, built-in screen protector, and a face-in belt clip holster for added protection. The OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 5 is available from and

Does the iPhone 5 come with new earbuds / EarPods?

Yes. Apple will ship the iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPod nano with completely redesigned earbud headphones, named EarPods. Not only do EarPods have 5 ports for air flow that improve bass, but they are hooked up to a microphone for calling and an audio remote control.

Apple has been shipping its mobile devices with included white earbud headphones since 2001. The company has engineered the EarPods to drastically improve sound quality and ergonomics. Made of white plastic, the EarPods are also designed to be more durable than older models.

Instagram Fans Meet Instacube, a Digital Frame for Your Photos

Instagram fans will want to check out Instacube, a digital picture frame from designer D2M (Design to Matter). The Instacube allows Instagram users to easily display their photo feeds via Wi-Fi on a 6.5-inch, 600×600 capacitive touch screen. The 7.5-inch frame is powered by Google Android and an ARM processor. It features 4GB of internal memory and has 256MB of RAM.

Kickstarter Accessories

Instacube is easy to use. All it requires is a Wi-Fi connection and an Instagram account. There are only three buttons: one for toggling feeds, one for power and one for liking photos. Instacube is fed from the cloud so you can easily tell it to display custom content, or just let it feed photos from your stream.

Turn Your iPod into an iPhone with 500MB of Free Data

FreedomPop is now accepting pre-orders for its iPod Freedom Sleeve. The case converts your iPod into a 4G iPhone with 500MB of guaranteed free broadband every month. Each additional gigabyte will cost you $10. The Freedom Sleeve allows you to make calls, use Skype or FaceTime and stream music or videos anywhere. You can even turn your iPod into a hotspot for up to eight devices.

iPod touch

Just like the FreedomPop iPhone case, the iPod sleeve is a a WiMax mobile hotspot that incases your device. The WiMAX network is available in 82 markets with plans to connect to Sprint’s new LTE network in the future. It may not be as fast as other 4G networks, but the free data may be worth the tradeoff to some iPod owners.


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