What accessories are part of the Apple MFi Program?

The Apple MFi Program offers proprietary technical information, hardware connectors and components, testing tools, and support to third-party accessory manufacturers and developers. Here is a list of MFi licensed technologies:

- AirPlay audio
- Authentication coprocessors
- CarPlay
- Headphone Remote and Mic
- HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP)
- iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP) - works with iPhone, iPod and iPad

TextBlade Brings Bluetooth Keyboard to a New Level

There's a new Bluetooth keyboard in town, billed as the first Multi-touch keyboard ever. The TextBlade weighs only 1.5 ounces (42.5 g) and uses magnets to fold up for easy carrying. According to the manufacturer WayTools, eight physical keys use Multi-touch and MagLever technology to provide a precision touch-typing experience.

TextBlade mobile keyboard

Full-size 19mm key spacing and 2mm of travel make TextBlade keys the same as a standard keyboard. In addition to characters, the keys are MultiLayer, which provides access to symbols, editing shortcuts, and iOS-specific controls. The space bar contains a lithium polymer battery that charges in less than an hour and lasts up to a month.

Retailers Already Announcing Great Black Friday and Holiday Deals on Apple Products

It is that time of year when every retailer is vying for your shopping dollars by offering tons of "holiday" shopping deals, and plenty have already announced current and upcoming sales on Apple products and accessories. For example, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Staples have all released previews of their Black Friday circulars with deals on iPhones, iPads and Beats products.

Griffin Technology Holiday Gift Guide

Walmart is offering select iPhone models at a discount plus giving away free gift cards with each purchase over its five day Black Friday event. Not every deal is available on every day, so you will want to check the Walmart Black Friday ad for your location. For example, the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini is $199 with a free $30 gift card during "Event #1" on Thursday, November 27.

Is my iPhone charger / Lightning cable covered under warranty / AppleCare?

A new iPhone purchase is covered under a one-year AppleCare warranty. You might be wondering if the accessories that come with the iPhone, such as the USB charger and USB to Lighting connector cable are also covered under warranty.

The answer is yes. Getting a replacement USB charger or Lightning cable might require that the Genius Bar see your iPhone to verify purchase date, however in many cases the Apple store or third-party wireless stores have been known to replace malfunctioning iPhone chargers purchased within the last year without any hassle.

According to Apple:


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