Apple iOS Dominates Market Thanks to iPhone 5 Sales

The iPhone 5 release has pushed Apple over the top. Regaining its lead for the first time since March, Apple's iOS smartphone sales are once again dominating the US market. According to Kantar World Panel, Apple is on track to surpass the previous high of 49.3% of smartphone sales seen after the iPhone 4S launch.

iOS takes lead

Second place Google Android is not far behind at the moment, but the devices have seen a sharp decline in sales with the iPhone 5 launch. Google's share of US smartphone sales had surpassed 65% just one year ago. While Windows and other smartphones linger at the bottom, BlackBerry maker RIM has seen a steady decline in US sales over the past two years.

Instant Messaging App Announces Free Voice Calling for iOS Users announced today it will begin offering free voice calling for iOS users via its imo instant messenger app. The free service allows users running iOS version 3.1 to make voice calls through Wi-Fi and 3G connections. According to imo, "free voice calling eliminates the cost of mobile minutes without any loss in the quality of the connection and, when connected to Wi-Fi, requires no data usage."

The instant messaging client connects users to 11 of the top third-party messaging services. It supports Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte, Myspace and Steam. The app features group messaging, photo sharing, concurrent sessions on different devices, searchable chat history and provides the ability to share multimedia files with other users.

Be the First to Know Who Mitt Romney Chooses as His Running Mate

Apple and Android users who download the new Mitt's VP app will be the first to know who the Republican nominee chooses as his running mate for the 2012 election . Beth Myers, senior advisor to Romney made the announcement on Tuesday:

These last few months, I've had the privilege and honor of leading Governor Romney's search for a vice presidential running mate. While I won't be breaking any news today, I wanted to let you know how to be the first to get the VP scoop with our new Mitt's VP app. Just download the free app on your iPhone or Android device and when Mitt decides on his running mate, you'll get an exclusive notification of his VP selection before anyone else.

iPhone Apps

Romney supporters can download the free iOS app from the App Store, and sign in using their MyMitt or Facebook accounts to receive a notification when the announcement is made. MyMitt is a photo sharing app which allows you to customize photos with a variety of "Mitt-inspired artistic frames." It's also free to download from the App Store.

Android App Makes it Easier for iPhone Users to Switch to Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung has partnered with software maker Media Mushroom Applications to help iPhone users make the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S III. The two have created an app that allows users to easily transfer their iTunes and iOS data to Samsung's Galaxy line-up.

Android App

The Easy Phone Sync app uses an USB connection to transfer music, contacts, messages, photos and videos from your iTunes backup on your computer, to any Samsung Galaxy device. It comes in two parts: An app that runs on your Samsung smartphone and a Mac/PC client. I'm not sure if droves of iOS users are rushing out to buy a Galaxy S III, but it's a smart marketing ploy by Samsung.

Google Plus App Redesigned for the iPhone

Google announced their redesigned app for the iPhone on Wednesday via their official blog. Version of the Google+ brings a new stream and navigation experience, plus various bugfixes and performance improvements.

iPhone Applications

Full-bleed photos and videos are cool. But you know what’s really cool? Content so immersive it remakes your mobile device into a rich carousel of beloved memories and breaking news. That’s the Google+ experience we aspire to, and today’s release helps us get closer:

Whether you post photos or articles or text, we’re making ‘em look gooood
We’re adding crisper fonts, larger profile pics and a friendlier homescreen
We’re making the stream easier to scan, and easier on the eyes with overlays, gradients and other visual elements.


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