Square Enix to Release Final Fantasy VI to iOS and Android

Square Enix announced today that it will release Final Fantasy VI for iOS and Android devices this winter. Square director and producer Takashi Tokita told Kotaku that the game will be "like a remake of the original VI."

Final Fantasy VI iOS

The mobile version of the game will feature sharpened 2D graphics and an updated battle system.

"The battle systems have been altered for the other [mobile remakes] for Final Fantasy and VI will be the same," explained Tokita "For instance grinding was an issue and people had to spend a lot of time leveling up. Now on the mobile devices the battle systems have been adjusted so you don't have to fight as much and can enjoy the game for what it is."

PayPal Announces Completely Reimagined iPhone and Android App

PayPal has immersed itself deeper into the mobile payment world by completely redesigning its iOS and Android apps. The company has also sweetened the deal by offering $100 worth of in-store deals to those who choose its app over other mobile payment options.

PayPal's iOS app will begin offering the ability to order ahead at local restaurants and cafes, and will allow independent merchants to offer a line of credit to PayPal users with the new "BillMeLater" option. The app also now features a way to search for local businesses who accept PayPal payments, and a "Pay at Table" tab for viewing and paying your bill at participating restaurants.

Android-like Voice Dictation Found in iOS 7

Code for an Android-like voice dictation feature has been discovered in iOS 7 by Hamza Sood. While iOS 6 currently features the ability to use voice commands to write text, the process requires that data be sent to Apple's servers so the speech can be converted. This can result in Siri-like mistakes, long loading times, and other internet related problems such as data consumption. The new string of code discovered in both iOS 7 betas shows Apple is testing the possibility of introducing an offline version of dictation.

Apple Voice Dictation iOS 7

This means all iOS devices could potentially feature the ability to locally process and convert speech, allowing for faster voice dictation of emails, text messages and notes. 9to5Mac has learned some internal Apple devices already have this service up and running.

Facebook Home Not Coming to the iPhone or iPad Anytime Soon

Facebook today unveiled what CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the "next version" of the social networking site. Facebook Home is a new UI for Android devices that transforms a user's smartphone or tablet into a central hub for Facebook. When asked if Home will also be available for iOS devices Zuckerberg replied, “Apple is a very controlled environment". Meaning you will probably never see Home on your iPhone or iPad.

The Home interface is just too invasive for Apple's closed ecosystem. When installed, it takes over a device's lock screen, home screen and even notifications. This is something Apple would never allow. Zuckerberg said, Facebook has "great relationship with Apple", but that doesn't mean they will welcome a UI that overrides iOS. It's just not the way Apple does things.

Reebok Announces New Fitness App for Apple and Android Devices

Reebok quietly launched a new fitness app for Apple and Android devices. The idea of the app is to get people to break out of their normal workout routines and try something new. The Reebok Fitness app allows users to create their own exercise programs by choosing the length of time and the activities they want to do. Activities include training, running, dance, yoga and walking. Users also have access to to videos, demos and tips from world-class fitness experts.

iPhone Fitness Apps

The app promises a "quick and simple" interface, and fun customized workout programs based on your favorite activities. The app also offers achievement breakdowns that you can share on your favorite social networking sites, calendar reminders for upcoming workouts, an archive of past achievements, and inspirational messages to keep you motivated.


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