iPhone 3GS Sells Faster Than New Android Phones

Most of the time when you hear about Apple and Google battling each other for smartphone sales the iPhone 4 gets compared to the latest and greatest Android device. Some forget that Apple continues to sell the previous model iPhone 3GS on AT&T Mobility at a cut-rate price of only $49 with contract. Turns out that consumers continue to snatch up the iPhone 3GS.

apple iphone 3GS back white black

Let's face it, the iPhone 4 is nice for many reasons, but if you're new to smartphones, Apple products in general, or you're upgrading from an even older iPhone, the 3GS covers many bases. Video recording, Voice Control and the latest Apple mobile operating system are all included. Did we mention the 3GS costs only $49 with a two-year contract?

Apple Refutes Claims that Android Web Browsing is 50% Faster than iPhone

In an official statement issued yesterday, Apple has refuted the results of a study by -- a mobile optimization company -- which claim that web browsing on Android is 50% faster than on the iPhone. According to Apple, the study's conclusions are invalid because the tests involved failed to test web browsing through the iPhone's Safari browser. Instead, the test evaluated iPhone web browsing speed through the iPhone's embedded browser, a container/tool for displaying web content made available to developers of iPhone web and native applications.

apple says android isn't faster than iphone

Apple Testing Gesture Passcode Lock for iPhone?

Screenshots acquired by 9to5 Mac reveal a gesture-based passcode lock screen already in use internally at Apple. The AppleConnect iOS application for employees makes use of the feature.

apple iphone gesture passcode test AppleConnect 9-point

Much like a similar gesture-based passcode lock found on Android devices, the Apple version allows users to set a private code based on points that are connected by the user on the screen. The iOS version has a progress bar indicating the strength of an individual gesture entered for use as a passcode.

Apple iPhone Takes Lead in US Smartphone Market

In September 2010 the Apple iPhone overtook BlackBerry for the top spot in US smartphone market share. A new report by Nielsen shows iOS commanding 28.6 percent of the market in November 2010, more than any other smartphone operating system.

apple iphone sales statistics nielsen 2010

BlackBerry and Android were neck and neck in November, with Android devices on the rise and BlackBerry devices losing market share but maintaining a slight edge. It's not clear how long iOS can keep its top position, as Android almost doubled its share from June to November.

Fring on iPhone 4 Supports Cross-Platform 3G Video Chat

Watch out Apple, Fring has FaceTime in its sights and has launched a new version compatible with iOS 4. What this means for owners of the latest iPhone is they are no longer restricted to Wi-Fi only video chatting. Not only does Fring enable 3G video chat, the company is offering their software for multiple smartphone platforms.

apple iphone fring 3g video calling

Unlike FaceTime, which only allows video chat between two people who both own the iPhone 4, Fring makes it possible to video chat with anyone running the software and with those running Skype. Currently Fring is available on Android and Symbian phones as well as iOS 4.


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