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Why Apple's new rating system will help improve the App Store

iOS 10.3 App Rating System

Apple has introduced a new app rating system for developers in iOS 10.3. The new system will be voluntary at first, but Apple eventually plans to force developers to use the new API, according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball.. This is good news for all app users, and here's why.

The current app rating process is horrible. Not only do you have to leave an app and sign in to rate it, but developers can hound you to over and over with pop-ups. The new system will not only allow users to rate an app within the app, but it limits developers to 3 pop-ups a year. Users will also never receive a pop-up again after they rate an app, and they will have the option to disable pop-up requests if they never want to see them.

Apple bumps up tvOS app size limit

Apple TV

Developers can now offer app bundles up to 4 GB in size for Apple TV owners. Until Apple announced the change on its developer site, initial app downloads were limited to 200 MB. The change in policy means tvOS app binaries are now covered under the same 4 GB limit allowed for iOS apps. So what will this really mean to Apple TV fans who use the App Store?

How to disable automatic updates on Apple TV

Apple TV apps

By default, the fourth-generation Apple TV automatically installs updates to tvOS and any installed apps. Shortly after Apple releases a system update or an app developer's changes are approved by the App Store, the new versions roll out. Some users aren't a fan of this feature, as it can bring unwelcome changes to familiar apps. Others like to see if a firmware update is reported to cause any problems before they install it on their device. Here's where switching to manual updates on the Apple TV comes into play.

Apple Support app now available on the App Store

Apple Support App

After soft launching in the in the Netherlands, Apple has finally brought its Apple Support app to the U.S. App Store. The new standalone app resembles Apple's support website where users can get answers to questions about all Apple products.

After downloading and installing the app, users can log in with their Apple ID and select any of their Apple products from the provided list. Users can then search for helpful tips or answers to questions, and browse a variety of topics, such as Battery, Power & Charging. All current Apple products are represented in the Other Products & Services section, including Beats by Dre, Apple Pay, Mac accessories and so on.

iPhone wins most influential gadget of all time

iPhone 2007 iPhone OS 1

The original Apple iPhone was named the "most influential gadget of all time" this week, topping a list of 50 gadgets curated by Time magazine. The iPhone was one of several Apple products to make the top 50, including the iPod, iBook laptop, iPad and the Macintosh computer. In fact, the Macintosh ranked number 3, right behind the Sony Trinitron television and ahead of the Sony Walkman.


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