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iOS App of the Week: Distrust


Distrust is a horror survival game inspired by the 1982 film The Thing. In the game players control a team called the Cheerdealers who are forced to stay in an Arctic base after their helicopter crashes. The goal of the game is to search for provisions and stay alive in freezing Arctic temperatures until you can escape.

Best App Store Pre-orders


This week we're checking out some of the best Apple App Store pre-orders and titles that could be potential future Apps of the Week. Apple introduced the ability to pre-order games in early 2018 to allow developers to create buzz for upcoming titles. Pre-orders also allow developers to offer discounts to those who purchase a game before its release. All pre-ordered games automatically download to a user's device within 24-hours of its official release date, and users get the lowest listed price up until at title's launch.

iOS App of the Week: TV Time

TV Time

When I first downloaded TV Time (thanks to Entertainment Weekly) I found it useful but also a bit boring. There didn't seem much to do with the app after the initial setup, but I was wrong. You can actually lose yourself in the app while rating your favorite TV shows and characters, and by reading through the user comments on different episodes. The main purpose of TV Time is to keep track of all the television series that you watch. This is important in a world with multiple streaming services and linear television.

iOS App of the Week: SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld Heist

Apple's open developer policy has been both a curse and blessing as the App Store has been home to some great innovative titles, while equally spawning a race to the bottom mentality with freemium gaming. Gamers are going to have to embrace more premium priced titles if they want better games on their iOS devices. SteamWorld Heist is an example of what we could have if more people were willing to pay for iPhone and and iPad games.


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