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iOS App of the Week: Teen Titans Go! Figure

Teen Titans Go! Figure

Teen Titans Go! Figure is the sequel to Cartoon Network's Pokémon parody Teeny Titans. The follow up is a lot like the original, making you wonder why releasing an entirely new app was necessary. I'm assuming $3.99 was the main motivation behind Go Figure.

It's been a few years after Robin became the Teeny Titans champion, and interest in the collectible actions figures called Teeny Titans has waned. The Titans have all sold off their collections when they discover that the company that makes Teeny Titans is discontinuing the toys. This sets off Teeny Titan mania all over again, and the real Titans scramble to collect the toys before they're all gone

iOS App of the Week: Dead Island: Survivors

Dead Island Survivors

Dead Island: Survivors is a mobile spin off of the popular zombie survival game from Techland. It is not a direct sequel, which is still in the works, according to Twitter. The official Dead Island account confirmed that Dead Island 2 is still in development, and that more information will be released at a later date.

iOS App of the Week: SSC 2018

SSC 2018

Uprising Games has dropped SSC 2018 smack in the middle of World Cup fever. If you can't get enough football on your TV then you may want to check out this retro arcade title on your mobile device. SSC 2018 is an homage to the popular computer games such as Sensi Soccer and Kick-Off. Sensi was known for its zoomed-out bird's-eye view, and SSC 2018 follows suit offering a top-down look of all its on field action.

5 top celebrity stickers: Justin Bieber and more


Stickers are little images or animations that you can use to decorate text in the Messages app. Some include little messages or just images that you can send alone as a standalone text. Celebrities have really embraced Stickers on iOS releasing packs that you can purchase or download for free. Here are 5 of the most popular celebrity sticker packs available on the App Store:


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