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MagSafe Cable Accessories Coming to iPhone / iPad?

Apple's MagSafe connectors were first introduced in 2006 and are currently only available on various MacBook notebook computers and the Apple LED Cinema Display. Turns out Apple is still working on patents to expand use of the technology to more of its products, namely future models of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple MagSafe iPhone patent

The magnetic connectors described in a patent discovered by AppleInsider would bring MagSafe functionality to a new level with a universal, programmable cable. The idea is that different pin configurations could be used to connect different devices by deploying the correct number of programmable magnetic pins on the fly.

Apple Patents System for iPhone / iPad Drop Protection

Imagine a future iPhone that would automatically detect your clumsiness, knowing when it was dropped. Then in a split second the device inflates a liquid bladder between the glass display and the chassis of the iPhone to protect the screen from impact. This high-tech shock mount would absorb the vibrations from the impact and prevent cracked screens.

Apple Patent shock protection

Sound like science fiction? Although we haven't seen this invention released on any mobile computing products, according to Patently Apple the company filed a patent for this drop protection system in the first half of 2010. It could be just what the doctor ordered if Apple continues to use glass so prominently in its mobile computing products.

Apple Patents Universal Multi-Device Power Adapter

Lugging around a bunch of different power adapters for all of your electronic devices can be a real drag. Even though iPhone owners who happen to have an iPad can bring one USB power plug, only one device can be charged up at a time. All this could be set to change if a new Apple patent discovered by Patently Apple comes to fruition.

Apple intelligent power adapter

The system Apple proposes involves an intelligent power adapter, that would give the proper amount of voltage to multiple devices at once. One plug would go into an AC outlet, while several devices are connected by various means to the main unit, which automatically determines which units are compatible for charging.

Apple vs. Samsung: Patent War Moves to Japan

It looks like Apple has no intention of slowing down its patent war against Samsung until every Samsung Galaxy device is banned from the planet. Apple has moved the battlefield to Japan, where they hope to block sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones, as well as the Galaxy 7 tablet. Apple has been successful in stopping Samsung from selling and advertising their Galaxy devices in Germany and Australia, and are looking to do the same in Japan. They're also seeking 100 million yen ($1.3 million) in damages. The lawsuit was filed on Aug. 23 and the first court hearing was on Wednesday.

patent wars

"It is no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging," said Seoul-based Apple spokesman Steve Park. "This kind of blatant copying is wrong and we need to protect the Apple's intellectual property when companies steal our ideas."

Patents Show Major Changes Coming to Apple iOS Maps

Two patents submitted by Apple point to major feature enhancements under development that would dramatically change the iOS Maps app on iPhones and other mobile devices. Both patents were discovered in the past two weeks by AppleInsider. The patent diagram below shows Apple's take on augmented reality.

Apple Maps app augmented reality

Several apps have tried to implement augmented reality by overlaying graphics on top of live video from the iPhone camera. In one example, Yelp included a feature that showed nearby businesses directly on live video of the area. The app made waves two years ago as the first iOS augmented reality application, combining data from the camera, GPS and compass.


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