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Apple to Launch Web TV Service in Fall

Just a week after announcing its partnership with HBO for launching HBO Now, a streaming service that will give customers access to HBO's full content without a cable or satellite subscription, it appears that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is planning to expand its TV content further. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to bundle programming, but intends to trim the fat - the hundreds of superfluous, low quality channels that cord-cutters despise.

Apple may have a web tv service by the fall.

Apple is reportedly in talks with ABC, CBS and Fox to bring a package of about 25 channels to customers. However, the company is not in talks with NBCUniversal, due to a falling out with parent company Comcast while in similar talks last year. It is rumored that Apple felt Comcast was negotiating just to buy time in order to launch its own web-based set top box. Agreements with

How much storage does the Apple TV have?

The Apple TV no longer has any internal storage. Some of the early models did, but that has been discontinued. The Apple TV can stream media from your iOS devices like your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as from your Mac or PC. Anything you want stored, you would store on one of these devices. You can also access your iCloud account from Apple TV, so that is another storage alternative. Any media you stream from subscription services such as HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, etc., is stored on their servers, not on your local hardware.


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