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Apple Patent Details Reverse AirPlay Mirroring

Imagine a future where the Apple TV streams content via AirPlay to mobile devices. An Apple patent titled "Displaying a synchronized instance of content on a portable electronic device" explains this very process in detail. Normally, content is sent from an AirPlay enabled app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the Apple TV.

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The patent explains the reverse of this process, with a fixed display system such as the Apple TV feeding synchronized content to the portable device. The iOS device viewing the content would automatically determine if the content being streamed is compatible and can be viewed. If so, the content would be synchronized and delivered via AirPlay on a Wi-Fi network. What's more interesting is the possible scenarios that make this functionality useful.

How can I hide app / channel icons on the Apple TV?

Apple TV app icons can be hidden so they don't clutter up the home screen. To hide specific apps from view follow these steps:

On Apple TV software 6.0 or later:

1. Use the remote control to navigate to Settings -> General -> Restrictions.
2. Scroll down to the list of apps and select which icons to hide or show.
Note: Restrictions do not have to be enabled to hide channel icons.

On earlier versions of Apple TV:

1. Use the remote control to navigate to Settings -> General -> Parental Controls.
2. Select Turn On Parental Controls and enter a four-digit passcode.

How can I move app / channel icons on the Apple TV?

Third-party app icons can be rearranged on Apple TV units running Apple TV 5.1 software or newer. All that's needed is the remote control. Follow these steps to move apps around on the home screen:

1. Use the remote control to select the icon you wish to move on the home screen.
2. Press and hold the Select button on the remote to enter wiggle mode.
3. While the icon is wiggling use the remote to move the app to a different position.
4. Press Select on the remote to lock in the new icon location.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2 Running iOS 5.1 With Seas0nPass

Owners of the second generation Apple TV (ATV2) are in luck today, as FireCore has released an updated Seas0nPass jailbreak. Updating the ATV2 to iOS 5.1 brings users the brand new Apple TV interface along with additional features. If you were waiting to update to iOS 5.1 until the jailbreak was released, now the coast is clear.

Seas0nPass Apple TV

The Apple TV was recently updated to third generation hardware, with several improvements including a single-core A5 processor and 1080p HD support. At this juncture, ATV3 owners must remain patient while developers work on a jailbreak solution for their devices, which are shipped with iOS 5.1 preinstalled.


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