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Apple TV Teardown Shows Off Upgraded Specs

While the release of the third generation Apple TV may have been exciting, tearing the device apart was even more so for one forum user at In the process of disassembling the 2012 Apple TV they discovered that Apple has doubled RAM from the previous model to 512MB.

2012 Apple TV third generation

Not only this, but the new ATV sports an additional antenna over its predecessor. It's not entirely clear how the addition of a second antenna helps. When it comes to the processor, a single-core A5 chip is an upgrade from the A4. Some have suggested that the new ATV processor is simply a normal dual-core A5 with one core switched off.

Dev-Team Jailbreaks Apple TV: iPhone iOS 4.1 Next

We know that MuscleNerd was showing off his brand new jailbroken iPod touch 4G the other day. Looks like the same iOS vulnerability has just been used to jailbreak a second-generation Apple TV. After successfully using the SHAtter exploit MuscleNerd posted video of the Apple TV being accessed with ssh.

apple TV dev team jailbreak

SHAtter tricks the Apple TV into restoring with a pre-jailbroken IPSW from PwnageTool. The same exploit should work across all iOS devices including the iPhone 4. Chronic Dev Team members are developing jailbreak tools for public release based on the SHAtter bootrom vulnerability. This method will be much more difficult for Apple to contend with, as a firmware update can't prevent the issue.


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