Will Apple's TV app 'completely change' how you watch TV?

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While most of the buzz surrounding Apple's media event this week circled around the new MacBook and its Touch Bar, there were some other very interesting tidbits that surfaced. One major development for Apple TV owners is the announcement of a new app: TV. Apple claims this app will "completely change" how you watch TV with your Apple devices. Apple seeks to do nothing less than completely integrate all digital content sources in one place, vastly simplifying the process of watching your content.

Jet black iPhones in stock, iPhone 4 officially obsolete

iPhone 4 obsolete

Good news for those seeking a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. Stocks of the flagship iPhone in the flagship color have finally caught up with demand, making it possible to pick one up at Apple stores across the US. As usual, there are a couple of different ways to check if an iPhone is in stock before heading to the store. The increased supply could be temporary, however as the Jet Black finish is relatively difficult to manufacture.

Donate to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts via iTunes

Hurricane Matthew

Apple has opened up a donation page via its storefronts on iTunes, the App Store and As the company has done in the past, 100% of donations made using its payment systems will go directly to the American Red Cross. The donations made via iTunes will help boost Hurricane Matthew relief efforts by the organization, which is helping those affected by the storm. Matthew smacked the Caribbean and several US states, leaving hundreds dead and millions without power.

Apple discontinues 3rd generation Apple TV

Apple TV 3G

The other shoe has finally dropped. This week Apple officially pulled the third-generation Apple TV from its stores. Previously, the Apple Store online gave consumers an option to purchase the older model set top box for $69 and even compare them. Now the Apple TV 4G with Siri Remote is the only version available, in storage capacities of 32 GB or 64 GB priced at $149 or $199 respectively.

Fight for the Future looking for pro-Apple comments for upcoming encryption court battle

Fight for the Future has created an online forum for pro-encryption supporters to voice their opinion about iPhone security ahead of the March 22nd Apple/FBI court hearing. The group, who has already staged several demonstrations in support of Apple, plans to protest outside the San Bernardino Courthouse where the next Apple/FBI showdown is set to take place. iPhone owners who can't attend the event can show their support by adding their voice at



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