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Free iPhone App Allows You to Search Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox Simultaneously

Tired of having to search Gmail, Google Drive or Dropbox individually while trying to locate an individual file? A new app by Peoplematics allows you to search for emails and files on your iPhone at the same time. Findit features a simple UI that is easy to use, but where it really shines is how you are able to search for items. The app allows you to search for a file or email by entering a person's name, a time or what type of file you're looking for. The time and type options are interesting features because you may not always remember the name of a file you're looking for, but you may remember when you downloaded it, or what type of file it is.

FindIt by Peoplematics

You can either begin a search by typing in a keyword, or by tapping one of the three search categories. For example, you can tap the "Search by time" option, then select a time frame, and then add a keyword to narrow your search. The UI is really simple to use, and the many search options plus filters allow you to easily narrow your searches down until you find what you're looking for. However, there are not many options once you locate the file.

Pearl Jam Launches Official iPhone and iPad App

Pearl Jam have announced a new app for iOS devices. The Pearl Jam Official app for the iPhone and iPad allows fans access to music, news and merchandise. The app also features a Pearl Jam timeline, a digital version of the official Pearl Jam lighter, and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube support.

Pearl Jam iPhone App

"The app was created to serve all Pearl Jam fans, but it also allows our official Ten Club members to log into their membership accounts on-the go," says Tim Bieman, Pearl Jam's Ten Club manager.

The official app description also promises future updates during the band's North American tour this fall. The app is currently free to download from the Apple App Store. The app supports the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 6 or higher.

Swell iPhone App is Like Pandora for News Radio

Swell Radio is a new talk radio streaming app that promises to make finding and listening to news quicker and easier on your iPod or iPhone. The app works like Flipboard for news radio, allowing you to flip through various news clips from popular outlets such as NPR, ABC News and ESPN. The app's large buttons and swipe motions make it easy to use while exercising or performing other tasks.

Swell Radio

Swell allows you to share your favorite clips with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends even if they don't have the app, and you can also bookmark your favorite clips so you can listen to them later. The app also features the ability to breakdown content by specific topics like News, Technology, Comedy and so on.

BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android 'Before the End of Summer'

Rumors originally pointed to a June 27 release for the iOS and Android versions of BlackBerry's Messenger software, but CEO Thorsten Heins has confirmed that the long awaited BlackBerry Messenger won't be available until later this year. Heins announced that the cross-platform service will land on both iOS and and Android devices "before the end of this summer," during a quarterly earnings call this morning.

BlackBerry Messenger

BBM will be free to download, but it will only support devices running iOS 6 or higher, and Android 4.0 or higher, according to The service will also initially be limited to messaging and groups at launch, with plans to add other popular BlackBerry features such as BBM Voice in future updates.

Five Funny Vine Channels Worth Following

There should be an explosion in Vine activity now that Twitter has released its popular video sharing app to the Google Play store. This means almost anyone with a smartphone will now be uploading videos, and that Wil Wheaton will finally be joining the Vine community. As most users already know, Wheaton will not be the first celebrity on Vine. The app is full of famous people such as Jimmy Fallon and Tyra Banks, but there are also plenty of lesser known celebrities making a huge splash on the app with their daily hilarious videos. Here is a quick look at five Vine channels worth following... Especially if you're a new user.

Funny Vine Videos

#5. Andy Milonakis' odd videos are always making it to the "Popular Now" section of the Vine app. His Creepy Money Dispenser, where he forces random strangers to take money while wearing an off-putting mask, is probably his funniest running gag. Milonakis is also known for uploading a few videos each day, which is always a plus on Vine.


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