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Twitpic App Ready to Join Your iPhone, iPad or iPod

The original photo sharing site for Twitter is now available as an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with an Android app soon to follow. The TwitPic iOS app may seem a little late, but it does come after Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram acquisition.

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The TwitPic app allows you to share, browse and edit your photos from any iOS device. Here are the complete release notes:

Quickly and seamlessly share your photos and videos with all of your Twitter followers
Edit your photos with beautiful filters and easy to use enhancement tools
Browse your Twitter photo timeline with photos from people you follow in a beautiful interface
Browse photos from the most popular Twitpic users
Manage your Twitpic photos and videos in your own timeline

Asylum Press Announces Free Comic Sampler for iOS Devices [Free Comic Book Day]

Asylum Press is releasing a 32 page sampler comic via comiXology for the iPad and iPhone on May 5th for Free Comic Book Day. The sampler will feature 8-page previews of their titles Trenchcoats, Cigarettes and Shotguns, Black Powder, Farmhouse and Chopper. Aylum Press Sampler Free Comic Book 2012 #1 will also be available for Android devices, the KindleFire and Nook.

Aylum Press

"We're excited about the possibility of reaching new fans on Free Comic Book Day,“ explains publisher Frank Forte. "People will be going to comics stores in droves, but they'll also be on their tablets and iPads. Mobile device and smart phone ownership keeps growing at an amazing rate and we want to provide great comics to these readers. Digital comics are the return of the newsstand."

5 Great Super Bowl Apps For the iPhone and iPad

If you're lucky enough to be attending Super Bowl XLVI you'll probably want to grab the NFL's SB XLVI Guide. The free app contains detailed information about local restaurants, nightlife and official Super Bowl events. You can also use the 3D map of Lucas Oil Stadium to find your seat and locate parking. If you're not Indianapolis bound you can still download the Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program. It's essentially the same program you would receive if you attended the actual game, but with extra digital content. It features over 400MB of exclusive NFL video and chronicles the Giants’ and Patriots’ road to the championship. The app is free for the iPad only and requires a lot of space to download.

Free iPhone Apps

NFL Pro Tweets by the NFL Players Association allows you to follow what the pro players are tweeting about the game. You can also follow all the other Super Bowl social media buzz with the SB XLVI app I mentioned above.

Super Bowl Winners allows you to brush up on your past Super Bowl knowledge. The free version gives you a detailed history of every Super Bowl ever played with the ability to upgrade to the full Professional Sports History version. The $1.99 version offers a complete history of every MLB, NBA and NHL championship ever played.

New Zombie App 'Infected' Brings a Fun Twist to the Tower Defense Genre

After a long wait for the disappointing Last Stand 3, I've been desperately trying to find a fun and addictive new free zombie game. I originally dismissed Zombie Lane as a lame Facebook app that forces you to spend money to play, but it has grown on me over the last week (especially after the Christmas update which added new missions and stuff to buy). The only problem is Zombie Lane is not the best time passer. It's a great game to have on your phone for random bits of procrastination, but having to wait five minutes to perform one task can get kind of tedious.


Infected is more of the fast paced kind of game I've been looking for. It's a fun twist on the tower defense genre where you use police officers as torrents to defend citizens from zombies. The app can even access your Facebook friends turning them into the helpless victims. Like any tower defense game you can upgrade your torrents, buy better armed police agents, and use random weapons to bomb zombie hordes. The game has a good mix of free upgrades and features an online multi-player mode.

Two Popular Zombie Games Make Their Way to the iPhone and iPad

Two popular zombie games have made their way to the Apple App Store this week. Activision released the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, and developers Digital Chocolate have made their Facebook hit Zombie Lane available on the iPhone and iPad. The newest Call of Duty app is $6.99, and offers 50 levels of zombie killing madness. You can play solo or on teams of four via Call of Duty’s new interface which features Voice Chat for the first time ever. There is also a new unlockable arcade-style top-down shooter mode called "Dead Ops Arcade" with Game Center leaderboard support.

Two Popular Zombie Games

Zombie Lane is free in the iTunes App Store, but it's one of those annoying Facebook type games that forces you to pay for upgrades. You're tasked with rebuilding your neighborhood by smashing and shooting the undead, rebuilding fences and growing crops. There are plenty of missions to complete, achievements to gain and extra things to do if you're willing to pay real money for the honor of doing so. If you're not willing to shell out the cash, you will find yourself standing around a lot unable to perform any tasks.


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