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YouTube Releases New Standalone App for the iPhone

Apple is not only kicking Google Maps to the curb, it's also removing the stock YouTube app with the release of iOS 6. YouTube responded by releasing its own standalone app in the App Store on Tuesday. YouTube fans can either download the new app, or keep their old stock app by ignoring iOS 6 when it's released.

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The new YouTube app brings an improved channel guide where users can swipe left or right to navigate their subscribed channels, better search tools that give suggestions while you type, and the ability to share videos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or via text. YouTube promises the new app will give YouTube users a better mobile experience than the old stock app.

Facebook iPhone App Gets a Much Needed Speed Boost

Version 5.0 of the iPhone and iPad Facebook app has finally landed in the app store! Facebook has rebuilt the app from the ground up making it much faster. The app now launches immediately and the news feed and photos load a lot more quickly.

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The new app allows you to easily scroll through your news feed without having to refresh, and now features notification banners for recent posts. The app doesn't look any different, but you will immediately feel the changes the first time you use it. Facebook did not add the must asked for "Share" button featured on the web version.

Skype Adds Photo Sharing to iPhone and iPad Apps

Skype updated their iPhone and iPad apps to version 4.1 on Tuesday. The upgrade brings a new photo sharing feature, a few minor bug fixes and minor visual improvements. The photo sharing feature requires that both users are connected to Skype’s instant messaging service to work.

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If sharing pictures of food is not your thing, Skype 4.1 is also supposed to improve the app’s battery performance, plus fix a bug related to Bluetooth and calls. Existing users can upgrade to version 4.1 starting today.

New Yorker Magazine Offering One Free Issue to iPhone Owners

The New Yorker is giving away a free digital copy of its August 13 & 20, 2012 issue to anyone who downloads their new iPhone app launched on Tuesday. Users who download the app for free can buy future single issues or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership.

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The iPhone version features an exclusive introduction to The New Yorker app by Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm, social networking sharing, a weekly slide show of all the current issue’s cartoons, plus more. The new app also makes downloading individual issues a little lighter than before. iPad users were forced to download well over 100MB per issue, while this week's iPhone edition is only 23MB to download.

Five Great Food and Drink Apps

According to an email sent to iOS developers, Apple is adding a new dedicated "food and drink" section to its App Store. The new category will include “apps that help users cook and bake, mix drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink”. Food & Drink won’t include diet, grocery shopping, coupon clipping, or food-related game apps”. Most of the food apps, which are normally listed under "Lifestyle" by their developers, will be automatically migrated to the new Food & Drink category starting on July 8th.

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Here's a list of some popular apps that you should be able to find under the new "Food & Drink" section:

Chefs Feed (free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - A great app for Foodies or people who are overwhelmed when visiting major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. The app features over 100 famous chefs' favorite dishes, places to eat and it allows users to receive up to the minute updates via its live feed.


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