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Best Buy Offering $50 Gift Card with Purchase of iPhone 5c [Deals]

Well that didn't take long. Best Buy is already offering the iPhone 5c for only $50. Customers who buy the new Apple handset from the electronics retailer will receive a $50 gift card with their purchase. Best Buy is also offering the same deal on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy S 4.

iPhone 5c Deals

This is the next best deal after Sprint's free iPhone offer, but you have to be willing to switch carriers to take advantage of Sprint's discount. Both Target and Walmart are selling the iPhone 5c for $80, meaning Best Buy does currently have best deal on Apple's "unapologetically plastic" handset.

Virgin Mobile Launches iPhone 5s for $549 and iPhone 5c for $449

Virgin Mobile is now offering the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c for a $100 cheaper than the normal SRP. The Sprint subsidiary launched the iPhone 5s today for $549, and the iPhone 5c for $449. The 16GB models are now available at Virgin Mobile retail stores or at VirginMobileUSA.com.

Virgin Mobile iPhone 5s

Virgin Mobile fans can also nab the 32GB iPhone 5c ($549), the 32GB iPhone 5s ($649) and the 64GB iPhone 5s ($749) at VirginMobileUSA.com. All 32GB models and up are only available online.

iPhone 5s and 5c Retro Game Cases Offer Old School Fun

Looking for a way to protect your new iPhone 5s or 5c with a little style? Check out the new Retro Game Cases offered by PureGear.

iPhone 5S Cases

For $29.99, you can choose from one of three cases with an old school maze-style game built into the design. Unlike the games found in the App Store, these simple throwbacks won’t take up any room on your phone’s memory. Simply attach the case and get started. Each of the three versions offers a different nostalgic experience.

invisibleSHIELD Now Available for iPhone 5s and 5c

Zagg is now accepting orders for its invisibleSHIELD screen protector for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The Original invisibleSHIELD offers standard screen coverage for $14.99. The Smudge Proof version is designed with the same materials as the original, but it "reduces the appearance of smudges and fingerprints," and "improves screen visibility under bright conditions," according to Zagg. The Smudge Proof invisibleSHIELD is $19.99

invisibleSHIELD iPhone 5s

Zagg's "most popular" product is the HD screen protector which Zagg claims offers a "glass-like surface" for $14.99. The Extreme protection model features a unique shock and break resistant layer and is " virtually indestructible". The Extreme sceen protector is $29.99.

Apple Claims Demand for New iPhones Has Been Incredible, iPhone 5s in Short Supply

Shipping times for the iPhone 5s have been pushed back to October for the gold model, and there is now a 7-to-10-day wait period for the silver and gray models. Apple told AllThingsD that "demand for the new iPhones has been incredible," and they are limiting "supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores."

iPhone 5s

Sources at multiple U.S. carriers previously told AllThingsD that inventory for the new iPhone was "grotesquely unavailable" before its launch on Friday. We won't know for sure if demand is actually high, or if supply is just limited, until Monday after Apple releases its official sales report.


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