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Boost Mobile Announces iPhone 5s and 5c

Boost Mobile announced today that it would begin carrying the iPhone 5s and 5c beginning on November 8. The Sprint-owned company is not the only prepaid carrier to offer Apple's newest handsets. Virgin Mobile is already selling both the iPhone 5s and 5c for $549 and $449, respectively. Cricket will begin selling both devices on October 25, and US Cellular announced it will also offer the 5s and 5c on the same day as Boost Mobile.

Prepaid iPhone Deals

Boost offers its customers unlimited talk, text and data starting at $50/month, and Daily Unlimited plans starting at $2. Boost users can also reduce their monthly payments to as little as $35/month by making their payments on time.

Cricket to Launch iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on October 25

Prepaid mobile fans will be able to get their hands on an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c through the wireless carrier Cricket starting on October 25. Cricket is currently accepting pre-registration for the new Apple handsets, and will offer them along with their new Smart Plans.

Cricket iPhone 5s and 5c

Cricket customers can get an off-contract iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c with nationwide unlimited talk/text/data starting at $50. Cricket's Smart Plans support 4G LTE and 3G CDMA wireless networks, and offer up to 10GB of full-speed data allowance.

New App Converts Your iPhone 5c Into a Connect Four Board

Developer Bytesize has released a new app that takes advantage of Apple's official iPhone 5c case by allowing users to transform their device into a Connect Four-like game. Users can challenge their friends to a game of Four in a Row by putting their case on backwards and using its cutout holes as a game board. As you can see from the video below, the case doesn't line up perfectly with the iPhone's display, but it does get the job done.

Bytesize says the game is also compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5s, as long as you have an iPhone 5c case. The game requites iOS 7 or higher and can be played on the iPod touch or iPad, but you'll have to create your own board.

iPhone 5c Reportedly Not Selling Well, Apple Cuts Production in Half

There are a lot of signs that suggest the iPhone 5c isn’t selling as well as Apple expected. First of all, the "unapologetically plastic" phone has been been readily available since its launch. iPhone 5s shipping times are currently estimated at two to three weeks, while the iPhone 5c is shipping within 24 hours. It also seems like a lot of third party retailers can't wait to give the phone away. Large retail chains such as Best Buy and Walmart are currently in the middle of an iPhone 5c price race to see who can offer the handset for cheaper. There have also been reports that all the major carriers have a lot of unsold iPhone 5c stock sitting around.

iPhone 5c Sales

Top analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have also begun slashing their iPhone 5c sale estimates. Business Insider reported on Friday that Kuo "is now estimating Apple shipped 11.4 million 5c units in the September quarter, a 33% drop from his original estimate." Kuo expects "iPhone 5c sales to be just 10.4 million units for the December quarter, a 10% sequential drop."

iPhone 5c Only $45! How to Sell Your Used iPhone and Get the Latest Apple Handset for Free

The iPhone 5c price war rages on. Hours after Best Buy announced it would offer the new handset for only $50, RadioShack announced the same deal. Both electronics retailers will give customers a $50 gift card when they buy a $99 iPhone 5c. However not to be outdone, Walmart just announced it would begin selling the 16GB model for only $45 throughout the holiday season.

iPhone 5c Deals

This is a great opportunity to make a profit by selling your old iPhone while still upgrading to Apple's latest handset. Both Gazelle and Nextworth are accepting trade-ins for all used iPhone models in working condition. You can get up to $115 in cash for a used iPhone 4, and up to $320 for a used iPhone 5. This is much better than Best Buy and RadioShack's $50 gift card deals. It also allows you to have enough money to take advantage of Walmart's $45 sale, and still have enough left over to pay off your carrier's early termination fees if you're still under contract. You can compare trade-in values for all the iPhone models here.


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