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Alleged iPhone 5C Volume Buttons Show Red, Green, Blue And Yellow Colors

An image gallery of iPhone 5C volume buttons posted by Sonny Dickson reveals that the low-cost device could be available in red, green, blue and yellow. The alleged photos also show that the buttons will feature a pill-shaped design, instead of the typical round shape found on other Apple handsets.

iPhone 5C Volume Buttons

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and plastic multicolored iPhone 5C on Tuesday, September 10. Some analysts believe the low-cost iPhone will feature a four-inch display, and low end internal hardware to keep production costs low. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told investors on Monday that Apple will also "exclude some software features, such as Siri," and that the iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 4S as Apple’s lowest-cost device in the upcoming iPhone lineup.

Alleged iPhone 5C Parts Shown in Video

The rumor that the iPhone 5C is Apple's low-cost device is picking up steam after Mac Otakara published a video allegedly showing the rear shell and front bezel of the phone. The video was published alongside another video showing off a partially assembled iPad 5.

There have been plenty of alleged low-cost iPhone leaks, but this is the first one we have seen since an image of some iPhone 5C packaging popped up online. It is unknown if any of the images are real, or if the iPhone 5C is even Apple's rumored budget iPhone.

iPhone 5C Concept: C Stands for Chunky

Fall can't come soon enough for Apple fans looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5S. Evidence continues to mount that Apple's budget iPhone, the iPhone 5C will launch alongside the 5S with a plastic back and different features. iPhone 5C accessories have already been spotted, as well as some questionable photos of iPhone 5C packaging.

iPhone 5C for Chunky

It's these packaging photos that inspired Ferry Passchier to devise the iPhone 5C concept above: C Stands for Chunky. Although it's unlikely Apple would channel the 30-ounce Motorola DynaTAC in a next generation iOS device, the rendering is good for a laugh.

First iPhone 5C Accessory Pops Up at Amazon

Accessory makers used to be a great source for next-generation iPhone rumors, but they lost most of their credibility after the teardrop iPhone 5 debacle of 2011. This is why I wouldn't get too excited about Elago Design's "Slim Fit 2 Case" for the iPhone 5C that has recently popped up on Amazon. In case you missed the memo, the iPhone 5C is the rumored name for unannounced "low-budget iPhone" Apple is expected to launch in the Fall.

elago S5C Slim Fit 2 Case for iPhone 5C + HD

We got the first glimpse of the iPhone 5C name and logo in an alleged leaked photo of its packaging over the weekend. Apple has not confirmed or denied that they're releasing a low cost, plastic iPhone, so it is hard to know if the image is legit. However, this hasn't stopped Elago Design from listing their iPhone 5C case on Amazon, but they have seemed to stop taking pre-orders for the accessory.

Alleged Images of iPhone 5C Pop Up Online

An image of what could be packaging for Apple's rumored low cost, plastic iPhone has popped up online. The alleged photo came from the Chinese WeiPhone forum (via CNET). The image shows a pile of iPhone 5C boxes, with an odd logo that looks like it could belong to a Chinese Apple knockoff. However, the new logo could also be part of an updated Apple design to fit in with the revamped look of iOS 7.

iPhone 5C

Apple is expected to announce the successor to the iPhone 5, dubbed the iPhone 5S by the press, alongside a budget iPhone this fall. Rumors have suggested that the plastic iPhone will be available in an array of rainbow-like colors like the iPod touch. The leaked image of the alleged budget iPhone packaging also has an iPod-like feel.


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