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Review: OLALA USB Flash Drive for the iPhone and iPad

OLALA 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Stick with Lightning Connector for iPhone

The OLALA USB Flash Drive is a small aluminum device for transferring files from your iPhone or iPad to your computer. I'll leave why you may need a flash drive for your iOS device up to you, but if you're looking to make a purchase, OLALA offers a variety of options. All OLALA drives work with the iDisk me app available for free on the Apple App Store. Once the app is installed, you can connect your drive to your iOS device via the Lightning connector.

Apple now sells an official Lightning dock for iPhone 6

iPhone Lightning Dock official

Apple has released an update to its official Lightning dock, making the accessory fully compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 5, 5s and 5c owners as well as those with an iPod touch sporting a Lightning connector can also join in the fun. Much like previous designs the iPhone sits upright when docked, and can be docked with Apple-designed cases installed.

10 iPhone Accessories Announced at CES 2015

While we wait for the next iPotty to be discovered, here's a quick look at some of the new and useful iPhone accessories and iOS-enabled devices announced at CES 2015.

Kevo Plus”  title=

Kevo Plus: Lock manufacturer Kwikset unveiled Kevo Plus, an extension of its Kevo platform. The upgrade allows existing and new Kevo smartlock owners to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere in the world. Other new features include real time activity monitoring and the ability to distribute an unlimited number of Anytime and Scheduled eKeys to other users of the app. The Kwikset Bluetooth enabled deadbolt is available through Kwikset.com or Amazon.com. The Kevo deadbolt and iOS app work with your iPhone so you never have to fumble around with physical keys ever again.

Get a Reversible USB Lightning Cable Now

Rumors are flying that Apple plans to release a Lighting cable with a fully reversible USB plug connector alongside the iPhone 6. This would bring the convenience factor of dual orientation connectors to both ends of the Lightning cable, saving users plenty of time in the process. After all, when left to chance, current USB plugs are turned the wrong way 50 percent of the time.

reversible Lighting USB cable

This frustration becomes a thing of the past with a simple design change. Instead of using a thick plastic core that fills half of the USB plug, connection pins are provided on both sides of a thin center plate. With this redesigned USB cable, the probability of getting it right every time is 100 percent. What is possibly the most incredible fact about this redesign is how long it took for a manufacturer to bring the concept to market.

Leaked Images Reveal Lightning Cable with Fully Reversible USB

The iPhone 6 and next-generation iPad will ship with a new Lightning cable that features a reversible USB, according to leaked images published by uSwitch Tech and Sonny Dickson. The first image shows alleged retail boxes for Apple's rumored revamped Lightning cable. The second image is a closer view of the reversible USB posted to Twitter by Dickson. The new USB connector would put an end to one of the most frustrating problems known to man by allowing the cable to be inserted into a USB port no matter what side is facing up.

Fully Reversible USB Lightning Cable

The USB Promoter Group in December announced a fully reversible Type-C USB cable was in the works, but this cable will not support current Apple products. However, Apple has been working on its own "dual orientation USB plug connector," according to a patent filed in 2013 (via 9to5Mac). The patent says that the USB would be able to mate with "standard USB receptacle connectors, e.g., a standard Type A USB receptacle connector." This means it will support current Apple computers and accessories, unlike the Type-C USB.


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