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iPhone Accessory Doubles as Case and Cup Holder

What looks like it could be an April Fool's joke is actually a product vying for support on the fundraising site Indiegogo. Appropriately named the Uppercup, this device will not only protect your iPhone, but it will also hold a steaming hot cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

UpperCup iPhone case

Marketing company Natwerk, based in Amsterdam is seeking $25,000 to start production of the UpperCup and start selling the cases for a retail price of $35. Of course, if you kick in $25 or $30 on Indiegogo, donations are rewarded with an Uppercup from the first production run (iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 respectively).

HipKey Alarm Keeps Track of Your iPhone and Keys

Apple is now offering the Bluetooth hipKey proximity and movement alarm in the Apple Store online. The accessory measures less than two inches across, yet packs a 90dB alarm and internal rechargeable lithium ion battery. With a range of 164 feet and battery life spanning from 2-4 weeks, hipKey watches out for your valuables and iOS device.

hipKey Bluetooth iPhone

With the companion iOS app and built in motion mode, you can leave the hipKey in a purse or bag to be alerted as soon as the bag moves. The proximity sensor can also be used to give a warning when your iPhone is left behind or if someone tries to steal the device. Child mode will send an alert when your child wanders too far away.

Remote Control the iSpy Tank with Your iOS Device

There are plenty of toys on the market that use the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a remote control. How many of these send a live feed of their surroundings directly to your device? Now with the iSpy Tank you can turn your iOS device into the nerve center of your top secret espionage operation.

iSpy Tank iOS

The free i-spy toys app provides complete control of the tank, along with up/down and zoom controls for the camera turret. Of course, you can shoot still photos of your target and record video directly to your iPhone. The iSpy Tank boasts a control range of up to 90 feet with its own built-in Wi-Fi network.

iFrogz Announces iPhone 5 Case with Slide-Out Dual Game Controls

iFrogz previewed the new Caliber Advantage mobile gaming controller for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch at CES in Las vegas this week. The iFrogz (a ZAGG brand) Caliber Advantage aims to give gamers a more accurate gaming experience by utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 to connect directly to the corresponding app. The case also features dual slide-out analog controls with crisp and responsive keys, and the ability to flip the device to play in portrait or landscape mode.

Zagg iPhone 5 Case

Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG, claims the Caliber Advantage "is a game-changer for the mobile platform".

"Everyone from hardcore gamers to casual players will enjoy and appreciate the control and function of the Caliber Advantage. We are committed to bringing creative product solutions to gaming with not only this revolutionary gaming controller, but also a full line-up of gaming-specific audio products."

Griffin's PowerDock 5 Charges Five iOS Devices at Once

You can now stop fighting over charger real estate thanks to Griffin's new PowerDock 5. The new charging station helps you keep your countertops or desk clutter free by providing up to five charging ports for any iOS devices . Each charging bay is roomy enough to accommodate the bulkiest of iPad cases, but the PowerDock 5 only consumes as much room as a single iPad. The PowerDock will also help you keep all your devices and cables neatly organized and in one place.

iPhone Charging Station

The PowerDock 5 is great for tablet crowded offices, or for moms who are tired of siblings stealing each other's chargers. The iOS charging station will available from Griffin Technology's official online store in the spring for $100.


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