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iBuku Pets: More Than Just an iPhone Case for Kids

Children have a habit of destroying electronic devices. Ask any parent who has loaned their iPhone or iPod touch to a kid so they could play games. Wouldn't it be better if you could protect the iOS device while providing educational entertainment to the little spuds?

iBuku Pets iPhone case

iBuku Pets provides just that, a protective and friendly contraption shaped like a bear that cradles the iPhone inside and prevents damage. Apparently, you can even throw your iBuku Pet down the stairs without harming the iOS device inside. The toy is made of completely non-toxic material, unlike some toys out there today.

Monitor Your Environment with Lapka iPhone Sensors

With the iPhone being a portable computer, people are finding new things to do with it every day. Beyond iOS software there are now a number of iPhone accessories that extend the device's hardware as well. Lapka offers a series of five sensors that expand your iPhone's capability to measure certain aspects of your surrounding environment.

iPhone environment sensors

Besides having a stylish design comprised of wood and plastic, each sensor delivers information to the Lapka iPhone app through the headphone jack of your iOS device. You can monitor your environment continuously and log data for later retrieval, or take a one-time reading when needed. Each of the five sensors is small because the processing and display of data is all accomplished on the iPhone.

iPhone 5 Lightning Dock Stands Now Available

The market for third-party iPhone 5 accessories continues to grow, and Lightning-compatible options are no exception. We've already seen an illuminated iPhone 5 Lightning cable as well as some less expensive versions of the standard Lightning to USB cable. Now you can purchase an iPhone 5 dock stand just in time for the holidays.

USB Fever lightning iPhone 5 dock

USB Fever has two different options for those looking to conveniently dock their iPhone 5. The first model is the Charging & Sync Dock Cradle for iPhone 5. This basic version is pictured above and accepts your Lightning to USB cable in the rear port. Available in black or white, the price with no cables included is $15.99 plus shipping.

These Bluetooth 4 Watches Connect to Your iPhone

Whether you prefer analog or digital watches, there are now an increasing number of options for iPhone owners looking to take advantage of Bluetooth 4. The low-power technology makes it possible for these watches to connect to the iPhone all day and deliver alerts and data directly from the smartphone. Citizen and Casio have independently announced two options for those who will be in the market for a new wristwatch.

Casio Citizen Bluetooth 4 iPhone watch

On the left, Casio's entry is the Bluetooth G-Shock which retails for $180 and delivers all kinds of data via the digital display. On the right, analog fans will find the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity fetching $495 and delivering alerts through vibration and notification areas on the watch face. The Proximity comes in two color combinations, blue accents with a silver body or green accents with a black body.

Add a Secure Wrist Strap to the iPhone 4 or 5

So you dig that cool wrist strap that Apple includes with the iPod touch? Now you can get a slick, leather loop for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. This is a really simple idea that helps to keep the iPhone secure in your hand, making the device more like a pocket camera and protecting it from falling.

iPhone wrist strap Photojojo

Photojojo is offering the iPhone wrist strap for $35, and the accessory is fully compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You can even continue to use most cases with the lightweight aluminum bracket installed.


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