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Latest Juice Pack from Mophie Packs Over 2000 mAh

iPhone 5 power users will be happy to know that Mophie continues to improve their Juice Pack iPhone cases with built-in battery backup. The latest model, the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 packs a 2100 mAh battery inside, exceeding the capacity of all previous models. So what does a battery this size do for your iPhone's longevity?

iPhone 5 Mophie battery

How about a full 120 percent extra battery power from the stock, built-in power pack on the iPhone 5? No need to do the math, essentially the Mophie case more than doubles your battery life, adding up to 10 additional hours of 3G talk time, 10 additional hours of LTE data time, and 12 extra hours of video playback.

iPhone-Controlled Deadbolt Coming to a Door Near You

Forget about thermostats and light bulbs. The next iPhone-friendly home improvement is already here, and it's called Kēvo from lock maker Kwikset. Thanks to Bluetooth this UniKey-enabled wireless deadbolt unlocks with a simple touch, that is as long as you have your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch somewhere close-by.

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth iPhone deadbolt

Once your iOS device is paired with the Kēvo, the deadbolt detects that an authorized device is within range and will lock or unlock when touched. The slick built-in light even flashes green to indicate the lock is being activated successfully. Bluetooth 4 is required, so that limits compatibility to at least the iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPod touch 5G or newer devices. Low energy consumption means the four AA batteries installed in your door last a whole year.

NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5 Now Shipping

The wait is over for fans of tactile keyboards on the iPhone 5. The MiniKey is NUU's answer to the slide-out keyboard case, providing Bluetooth connectivity and replacing the on-screen virtual keyboard. The iPhone 5 version of the MiniKey is slimmer than previous models and as always, it protects your device like a normal case.

NUU MiniKey bluetooth iPhone 5

As anyone who has used a Bluetooth keyboard knows, eliminating the need for the on-screen keys provides extra space for whatever app you're currently using. The full display can be devoted to content, since the keyboard is off-screen. NUU has designed the keys on the MiniKey with a tilted face, to match the ergonomics of typing with both thumbs.

Mophie Launches Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5

This March, Mophie will ship its latest Juice Pack, the Helium for iPhone 5. With a 1500mAh battery built-in, the Helium almost doubles the battery capacity of your device. Not only this, but to match the slim profile of the iPhone 5 the Helium is the slimmest Juice Pack from Mophie yet. It measures 0.59 inches and weighs only 2.44 ounces.

Mophie iPhone 5 battery pack

Besides acting as a case to protect your iPhone 5, the extra battery capacity means up to 6-7 hours of extra calling or browsing time. The Helium includes an LED battery level indicator, standby switch, and charges itself and your iPhone 5 with a micro-USB cable.

5 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Apple Fans

Not everyone enjoys teddy bears and flowers for Valentine's Day... So what do you get that special geeky someone in your life? Here are five great gifts for Apple fans.

iTunes Gift Card

Valentine's Day 2013

You can't hand someone an app or digital book, but you can hand someone a gift card. An iTunes gift card allows the owner to purchase their favorite music, games, apps or books from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store. You can buy $15, $25 or $50 cards directly from the Apple Store, or larger amounts from other retailers like Walmart.


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