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Take down your taxes in record time with Taxfyle


Uh-oh, it happened again. You swore your tax filing deadline wouldn’t be “As late as possible” this year and yet you’re taking to Google again to ask “What is the absolute latest date that you can file your taxes?”

If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in your procrastination. Whether it’s the prospect of having to pay a huge sum or just a fear of the paperwork, there’s no worse time of year than tax time and it only gets worse the closer things get to that due date.

Drawing app Paper 'coming soon' to iPhone

Paper for iPhone

The popular iPad skecthing app Paper is getting iPhone support, according to a teaser page that popped up today on developer FiftyThree's website.

Paper is a drawing app that offers a suite of sketching tools, and Mix, a social network for sharing and viewing sketches with other artists. The app has grown so popular since its release that FiftyThree started offering its original tools to users for free back in February. FiftyThree also recently updated the app with Think Kit, which has been described as an "auto­correct for drawing," a free automatic backup otpion, and other new features.

Periscope App Broadcasts Live Video From iPhone

Twitter has launched its live-streaming video app Periscope for iOS. The social networking app makes it possible to broadcast live video quickly and simply, right from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Followers are notified that your broadcast is live, and they can join and comment on the stream in real time. Periscope even has a "hearts" feature that allows viewers to tap the screen to send fluttering hearts as a sign of appreciation.

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Periscope will keep track of hearts received, ranking Periscope users in a "Most Loved" list. Earlier this month, Twitter shut down the competing service Meerkat, which was using Twitter accounts to function. Unlike Meerkat, Periscope allows for video replays to be watched for up to 24 hours after the live broadcast.

Google Calendar App Free for iOS Devices

Finally, the official Google Calendar app has arrived on the iOS App Store. Users of Google Calendar for work or pleasure will enjoy the fact that Google has released its own take on calendar functionality for iPhone and iPad users. The app has a pleasant user interface and facilitates interaction with a Google Calendar account on iOS without complicating the process.

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The native iOS app streamlines what was previously available only as a mobile website on the iPhone. Various third-party apps made it possible to view and interact with Google Calendar, but the official Calendar app found on Android devices was not available for Apple users until now. Google Calendar meshes with Exchange calendars as well, and plays nice with Gmail events. This means emailed event details can automatically be converted into calendar events.


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