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Dropbox Gets AirDrop Support, New Interface

Dropbox 3.0 for iOS 7 has arrived in the App Store. A completely redesigned interface brings key elements of iOS 7 into the file sharing app. Built-in iOS share sheets are used to make sharing and exporting files to other apps even easier than ever. Not only this, but Dropbox has added AirDrop support, so links and files can be sent between iOS 7 devices effortlessly.

update iOS 7 Dropbox app

Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage to all users, with more available to accounts choosing to automatically save photos and videos to the service. Adding this option provides a total of 5GB free space available. In addition to the redesigned interface and new sharing options, Dropbox for iOS 7 improves performance, speeding up launch, video playback and photo loading.

Google+ Update Brings New Features to iOS

Google+ fans with iOS devices will enjoy several new features in the latest app update, along with the obligatory bug fixes and performance enhancements. Most significantly, Google+ now makes it possible to upload Camera Roll photos and videos in full resolution to the cloud. These can be shared or added to a private album on Google+ Photos.

update iOS 7 Google+

With 15GB of free storage, this new Google+ feature acts as a cloud backup, uploading Camera Roll photos in the background. The only catch to the full resolution photo feature is that it's limited to iOS 7 users only. Google+ account holders on earlier versions of iOS can still enjoy other new features in the latest Google+ app.

Amazon App Gets New Look for iOS 7

Jumping on the iOS 7 bandwagon, Amazon had redesigned its iOS app to streamline looks and functionality ahead of the holiday shopping season. Millions of products are at your fingertips with version 3.1.2 of the Amazon app, which is available from iTunes for free. The redesign takes cues from iOS 7 as well as implementing bug fixes.

Amazon update iOS 7

Browse and search functions can be used to find product details, read user reviews, and of course buy items using Amazon's secure servers. The Amazon mobile app provides one-stop shopping from Amazon.com and third party merchants, including used and refurbished items in some cases.

Microsoft Releases Xbox One Companion App Ahead of Launch

Xbox has released its Xbox One companion app for iOS and Android devices. The app doesn't feature much right now, but it will allow you to interact with your Xbox after the new console is released on Friday. Xbox One SmartGlass features include the ability to navigate your Xbox One console using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, track achievements, get game help, message friends, and watch game clips.

Xbox One SmartGlass

You can download the Xbox One app now for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It requires iOS 6 or later or Android 4.0 or later.

Nike+ FuelBand and Move Apps to Launch November 6

iPhone 5s fitness fans can mark their calendars for November 6. On this date, Nike will release two free apps in the App Store, an updated Nike+ FuelBand App and the Nike+ Move App. The Nike+ FuelBand SE with M7 chip compatibility also arrives on this date. The FuelBand connects to the iPhone 5s via low-energy Bluetooth 4.0.

Nike M7 free app

While the Nike+ FuelBand App is used to get the most out of the FuelBand accessory, the Nike+ Move App provides iPhone 5s users with an introduction to the NikeFuel ecosystem. As showcased in the Apple iPhone keynote, using the M7 motion coprocessor means that the iPhone 5s can efficiently track physical activity without draining the battery.


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