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Google Puts 4 iOS Apps on the Chopping Block

Google has been prolific with its apps, cranking out mobile tools for a variety of its services. Now the company has announced it will retire four of its iOS apps in the coming month. Fans of Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) will be the first to lose a standalone app. Many Google+ Local features are now available in Google Maps instead.

Google shopper local catalog apps

Ratings and reviews created by users will continue to be available via the Google Maps app and on Google+ profiles. Even though Google announced plans to remove Google+ Local from the App Store on August 7 it appears as though the app is already unavailable. So what other iOS apps is Google pulling from the App Store forever?

Free VLC Media Player Returns to iOS

After a two-year absence from the App Store due to copyright issues, VLC media player has returned to iOS devices. The app comes to users directly from VideoLAN, the non-profit advocating free, open-source multimedia software. Many desktop users will already be familiar with the advantages of VLC media player.

VLC player for iOS

VLC is extremely versatile, and will play a wide variety of media formats without conversion directly on iOS devices. The app makes it possible to sync files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using iTunes, Dropbox, direct download or an embedded upload server. The best part is that because the app is completely open-source it will always be free.

Pinterest to Offer New Edit Home Feed Option, Tracks Your Favorite Websites

Pinterest has announced plans to add a new Edit Home Feed option that aims to makes your account more personal. The new feature basically offers content suggestions based on your pinning history. For example, if you pin a lot of sports related images, Pinterest will show you more sports related pins. The new feature will also introduce Unfollow Boards, so you can stop seeing content you don't like, and personalized board suggestions based on the websites you like to visit.

Pinterest Edit Home Feed

With internet paranoia at an all time high, Pinterest was quick to point out its Do Not Track option. First of all, Pinterest will only track websites that feature a "Pin It" button, however if that's still too much data collecting for your tastes, you will be able to opt out of the feature.

Pearl Jam Launches Official iPhone and iPad App

Pearl Jam have announced a new app for iOS devices. The Pearl Jam Official app for the iPhone and iPad allows fans access to music, news and merchandise. The app also features a Pearl Jam timeline, a digital version of the official Pearl Jam lighter, and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube support.

Pearl Jam iPhone App

"The app was created to serve all Pearl Jam fans, but it also allows our official Ten Club members to log into their membership accounts on-the go," says Tim Bieman, Pearl Jam's Ten Club manager.

The official app description also promises future updates during the band's North American tour this fall. The app is currently free to download from the Apple App Store. The app supports the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 6 or higher.

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Album Gets a Release Date, Headed to the App Store in Novmeber

Lady Gaga has announced the official release date for her new app-album. The album entitled ARTPOP, will be released as an iPad, iPhone and computer application on November 11. Gaga describes it as "a musical and visual engineering system that combines art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community."

Lady Gaga ARTPOP

This is the first major app/album release since Bjork's Biophilia was released for iOS devices in 2011. The app was designed by Gaga's development team TechHaus, and aims to bring back the album experience by blending fashion and art with music. The launch of the album will be preceded by an "artRAVE", with collaborations from a number of famous artists including Robert Wilson, conceptual sculptor Jeff Koons and performance artist Marina Abramovic. Gaga will also release a new single from the album on August 19.


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