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iPhones Can Now Make Time Lapse Movies

Now with the Timelapser app your iPhone will easily record time lapse movies. The only problem might be keeping the iPhone still from frame to frame.

iphone app timelapser

The app is on sale at half price for a limited time so it's currently selling for 99 cents. Firmware 3.1 is required, however the app will work on any generation iPhone. Frames can be captured more frequently on the iPhone 3GS.

Comics Giant Marvel Cuts iPhone Deal

Fans of comic books who have iPhones and live in the US will soon see Marvel titles come to their mobile devices. Three different comic book readers, Comics, iVerse Comics and Panelfly Comics have struck a deal with Marvel to bring its content to their apps.

Over 80 percent of published comics are released by comics giants Marvel or DC. This is the first time one of the two has entered the digital comics market on the iPhone.

102,132 Approved iPhone Apps and Counting

Right now 93,395 iPhone applications are currently available on Apple's App Store, but there are almost 9,000 more that have already been approved. This means that any day now the App Store will surpass a magic number of 100,000 apps for sale.

i am rich iphone app

Too bad only 0.176% of those can be installed on the iPhone at once. Just one month ago Apple announced that there were 85,000 applications available via iTunes. One year ago there were 10,000 apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

TomTom iPhone GPS Kit Now Available

The day has finally come for fans of the TomTom iPhone car accessory. The device, which acts as a dock for your iPhone can be ordered through the Apple Store. Unfortunately the product will not ship for another 2-3 weeks.

iphone gps software

For a price of $119.95 and free shipping, the TomTom car kit will provide an external speaker for turn-by-turn GPS navigation. It plugs into the car with a cigarette lighter adaptor to provide power to the iPhone.

Zipcar iPhone App Does Everything But Drive

Car sharing using your iPhone has never been easier. The free Zipcar iPhone application has a multitude of features that make finding and renting a car incredibly convenient. There's even a virtual key fob.

iphone zipcar app

Yes, you can lock and unlock the car and even set off the panic alarm using your iPhone. All you need to do first is scan your Zipcard when the car reservation begins.


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