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Unbelievable iPhone App Store Statistics

The App Store has only been online for five quarters, yet it continues to impress with a staggering number of offerings and purchases. Apple has announced there are now 85,000 iPhone and iPod Touch applications available via iTunes.

50 million people own a compatible Apple device and 125,000 software developers are participating in the Apple iPhone Developer Program. 1.5 billion individual downloads were clocked on the App Store within the first year of its operation.

AT&T to Notify iPhone Users of MMS Activation

This Friday AT&T is expected to text its iPhone customers in groups every hour, notifying them that MMS is finally ready for action on their iPhone. Some reports have indicated this process could start as early as 10AM Eastern Time.

iphone att mms

MMS will be activated by a carrier settings update from iTunes. The service will make it possible to send photos and videos along with text to other mobile devices without using email. MMS will not be supported on the original (2G) iPhone.

Introducing the Blur iPhone Tripod Kit

If you love taking photos with your iPhone 3G or 3GS then you'll love this new accessory from Mobile Mechatronics. With a snug fit into the base of the iPhone, the tripod adaptor docks and makes it possible to use the iPhone with any tripod.

iphone blur tripod

The interior of the adaptor is padded to avoid damage to the iPhone screen or back. A miniature tripod is included, which also folds up for portability.

TomTom iPhone Car Kit: More Details Emerge

TomTom's iPhone car kit accessory should hit shelves any day now. The device is currently under review by the FCC, and with added software will provide turn-by-turn directions while fixing the iPhone or iPod Touch on the car windshield.

iphone gps software

It works in conjunction with the TomTom iPhone application, available now on the App Store for $99.99 (US and Canada version). The car kit has its own GPS chip, making it possible that other third-party navigation apps can be used with the accessory in combination with an iPod Touch or iPhone.

RealNetworks Develops Rhapsody iPhone App

Subscribers to the Rhapsody music service will soon have their own iPhone app. That is, if Apple approves the software for distribution in the App Store.

Rhapsody is a service developed by RealNetworks, charging $14.99 monthly for streaming access to over eight million songs. The iPhone application would make it possible for Rhapsody To Go plan subscribers to listen via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE.


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