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How can I listen to a Live365 radio station on my iPhone?

There's good news for those of you out there who are fans of Live365 and would like to listen using your iPhone or iPod Touch. An application that will stream audio from Live365 Internet radio stations has officially been submitted to Apple for approval.

live365 independent radio app

The app was planned for release in the third quarter of 2008, however it did not materialize. At the time of this writing, the ball has been in Apple's court for two weeks.

iPhone VoIP Calls: Not Just on Wi-Fi Anymore

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using applications such as Truphone and Fring are nothing new to the iPhone. VoIP calls using 3G, or EDGE/GPRS for that matter, have been available for three months now, and it's the jailbreak app VoIPover3G that makes them possible.

voipover3g cydia bigboss planet-iphones

The app works by using a MobileSubstrate library that tricks applications into behaving as if they are on a Wi-Fi connection when they are actually on a cellular data connection. Fring and Truphone are tricked by default when VoIPover3G is installed using the Cydia package manager.

Bluetooth File Transfer on the iPhone Coming Soon

The crippling of Bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is another one of life's mysteries. As users are painfully aware, the only thing Bluetooth is capable of doing in firmware 2.2 is connecting to a wireless headset. Fortunately for those with jailbroken devices it appears that all of this is about to change.

iphone bluetooth

The iSpazio Repository will soon host software from the iBluetooth project allowing users to unlock Bluetooth on the iPhone and transfer files using a computer or another Bluetooth-enabled phone. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The Bluesn0w project promises to allow developers full access to Bluetooth on the iPhone.

P2P Client MewSeek Released for iPhone 2.1

Now that your iPhone running the latest firmware (2.1) has been jailbroken it's time to find some cool applications. Feel the need for some P2P filesharing? Now you can download music from the SoulSeek network using MewSeek (formerly known as iSlsk). The application is available for free on Cydia.

Snow Reports App Comes to iPhone

Just in time for winter comes a new iPhone application delivering real-time snow reports directly to your device. Find snow conditions and depths for your favorite ski and snowboard resorts by region, then store them in a list.

eddit snow reports app

Access the open/closed status of the resort and surface snow conditions immediately, or touch to see more details or a weather report. Over 2,000 resorts are available for tracking, and the software allows 16 locations to be stored for quick viewing. The app was developed by Eddie Wilson and costs $1.99.


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