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Apple patents high-resolution camera with concave image sensor

Apple concave photosensor lens array

Apple has been granted a patent titled "Small form factor high-resolution camera". While it may not sound like a departure from current iSight cameras found on devices such as the iPhone, this new design may have a significant design impact. By making the image sensor concave, Apple engineers are able to compress the entire camera assembly. The key to this design is that image quality is retained, with high-resolution image capture possible despite the smaller package size.

Apple patents optical zoom system for mobile devices

iPhone optical zoom

A patent application reveals that Apple is working on an innovative two-sensor camera system for mobile devices. Unlike some two-sensor concepts focused on 3D image capture, the intent of Apple's design would be to provide robust optical zoom capability. In a nutshell, both camera units would capture the same scene at different focal lengths simultaneously. This would result in both a wide shot and closeup taken of the same subject, which could be stored together on the mobile device.

iPhone 6s camera upgrades come into focus

iPhone 6 time lapse

One of the main highlights of next week's Apple keynote presentation will be the iPhone 6s reveal. The updated device is widely expected to pack major camera enhancements, on both the main iSight shooter and the front-facing FaceTime camera. Some reports have even pegged the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as having the largest camera upgrades to date. Here's a rundown of the major changes that are likely coming to next generation iPhone cameras:

iPhone 6 Plus camera blurry? Get a free replacement

iPhone 6 Plus camera problem

Apple has launched an iSight camera replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus users affected by failed components. Units eligible for replacement will produce blurry photos from the main camera, with images consistently appearing out of focus. In addition, Apple has identified a limited serial number range pointing to affected units. The iPhone 6 Plus cameras exhibiting the problem were sold between the initial launch date and January 2015.

iPhone 6s leaks show no camera bulge

iPhone 6s camera

Now that components of the iPhone 6s including the A9 processor and Force Touch module are in mass production, Apple has sent CAD design renderings to case manufacturers. As in the past, these renderings have allegedly leaked. This time uSwitch posted the renderings. What's interesting is the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have one obvious difference.


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