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Polaroid Launches Official iPhone Camera App

With all of the retro iPhone photography apps that are available, filters and borders that simulate Polaroid instant prints have been popular. Now Polaroid has finally entered the game with their own official iPhone photography app.

iPhone app Polaroid

For $0.99 you can purchase the Polaroid Digital Camera App and take advantage of 15 preset filters and colored borders. Filters can be seen instantly through live preview.

1-Bit Camera App Snaps Retro iPhone Photos

Now you can warp back to 1998 and take 1-bit photos on your iPhone, much like the Game Boy Camera of yesteryear. The images are saved directly to your camera roll in stunning 320 x 480 resolution black and white. Officially, that's more than 150 kilopixels, or by a more familiar measure 0.15 megapixels.

1-Bit Camera iPhone App

To get the image just right, there are high and low contrast modes and two dithering options. When it comes to dithering, you can choose Atkinson (used on the original Mac in 1984) and Bayer (Nintendo Game Boy) for two distinctly unique styles. The flash or front facing camera can be used for those with newer iPhones.

Add the Camera Shortcut to Your Lock Screen Without Upgrading to iOS 5.1 [iPhone Tweaks]

Jailbreakers who feel like they're missing out on the new iOS 5.1 camera icon can now add their own with a new jailbreak tweak. Camera Grabber for iOS 5 adds the camera shortcut to your iPhone's Lock Screen without having to upgrade to iOS 5.1. This eliminates the need to double tap the Home button to quickly access your camera.

iPhone Camera

If you do not want the new icon but would like an easier way to access your camera, you can always install the free tweak known as CamFast. This tweak allows you to use Activator actions like "Double Tap" to achieve the same result as using the camera shortcut.

Upcoming iPhone iOS 5.1 Changes Leaked

Screenshots of the next iOS version 5.1 pre-GM have leaked and show some minor changes in the works for Apple's next iPhone firmware update. One of the notable changes highlighted by Blog do iPhone is a lock screen camera button that never disappears. Instead of clicking the home button twice to bring up the camera button, the process is simplified.

iOS 5.1 pre-GM leaks

When the iPhone is locked, to take a photo quickly with iOS 5.1 you can just swipe the camera button up. This saves the step of having to double click the home button then tap the camera button. Apple added the lock screen camera button to provide quick access to the photo and video app, while protecting photo albums and the camera roll until the device is fully unlocked with a passcode.

Security 'Flaw' Can Expose iPhone Photo Albums

A new security vulnerability on the Apple iPhone has been discovered that can expose photo albums stored on the device. Although this sounds like a dangerous breach of privacy there are several things that must happen before a complete stranger can view your pictures without entering a passcode. This is of course assuming you use a passcode to protect your data.

iPhone photo album security

First of all, your iPhone must have iOS 5 or later installed. This adds the Camera shortcut icon to the home screen when the home button is double-pressed. Secondly your iPhone must fall into the wrong hands, with someone taking possession of your device who would care about finding and viewing your photos.


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