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AT&T Mobile Share with No Annual Contract Now Available

Competition between carriers offering unsubsidized iPhones, contract-free data plans and other options keeps getting hotter. AT&T Mobility has taken another step in this direction, and now offers its Mobile Share plans with no-contract pricing. Mobile Share Value Plans are now available, promising to save AT&T subscribers $15 per month.

AT&T no contract plans

The new plans officially launched on December 8th. AT&T seems to be directly competing with T-Mobile's recent offerings, which remove subsidized devices from the equation. With AT&T Next, customers can choose to purchase a new iPhone outright with no contract or sign up for a monthly installment payment plan.

Carrier Update Released for Verizon iPhone 5

Apple has released an iPhone 5 carrier update that will bring Verizon settings from version 13.0 to 13.1. The update comes as reports have surfaced that some iPhone 5 users' cellular data plans were ringing up data usage despite being connected to Wi-Fi.

iphone 5 carrier update Verizon

Installing the carrier update should fix the issue, and Verizon has announced it will not charge for any incorrectly clocked cellular data. Normally connecting to a Wi-Fi network ensures that no cellular network data is used. The update can easily be installed directly on your Verizon iPhone 5.

AT&T’s Mobile Share Plans Now Available

As promised AT&T rolled out its new Mobile Share data plans on Thursday. The new plans are designed to help new and existing subscribers share data on up to 10 devices. Existing customers do not have to switch to a Mobile Share plan, but can do so without a contract extension if they choose to.

Data Plans

The Mobile Plans start at $40 for 1GB of data with unlimited talk and text. You can add an additional smartphone for $45, basic phones cost an additional $30, additional laptops and mobile hotspot devices cost $20, and tablets and gaming devices are $10 each per month. At least one smartphone is required to be part of an AT&T Mobile Share group. You will of course need more data for each device you add, so plans range from 1GB to 20GB of data. The price of an adding an additional smartphone does decrease until you hit the 10GB tier.

AT&T Launches New Data Plan Calculator to Help You Understand the Meaning of Sharing

AT&T has announced that its new Mobile Share plans will be available starting Thursday, Aug. 23. The carrier has also launched a Mobile Share planner to help families prepare for the upcoming changes if they choose to switch.

AT&T Mobile Share

The new plans are designed to help new and existing subscribers share data on up to 10 devices. Users who sign up for the Mobile Share plan will also enjoy unlimited voice minutes, text messages and free mobile hotspot capabilities. Existing members are not required to switch to a new plan, but they can do so without a contract extension. At least one smartphone is required to be part of each AT&T Mobile Share group.

Get a Shared Data Plan for Your iPhones on AT&T

AT&T has followed Verizon Wireless by offering their own version of shared data plans for multiple mobile devices. These plans all come with unlimited texting and voice minutes and allow laptops and tablets to connect with an additional fee.

AT&T logo shared data plans

The plans are called Mobile Share plans, and they come in different tiers based on how many GB of data you're interested in using. To subscribe for a plan, you must have at least one smartphone connected along with a minimum of 1 GB of data.


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