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AT&T Sued Over iPhone and iPad Data Plan Billing

AT&T Mobility has been socked with a class action lawsuit claiming the company overcharges iPad and iPhone subscribers for data usage. The plaintiff in the case claims they purchased a new iPhone and completely turned off any functions that would use cellular data. After 10 days of sitting idle, the device clocked charges for 2.3 kilobytes transferred over 35 transactions.

att iphone class action lawsuit data overbill

Although this isn't a whole lot of data, it could point to a problem with millions of subscribers tallying up phantom data usage. Additional claims in the lawsuit point to independent studies accusing AT&T of overclocking web data usage by 7-14 percent per transaction, with instances of up to 300 percent.

AT&T Quietly Reinstating iPhone Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T Mobility made big news in June last year when it abolished its unlimited data plans once and for all. Or did they? Current iPhone customers who have not signed a new contract still have unlimited data, and now the AP reports there's hope for the rest. iPhone subscribers who have switched from an unlimited data plan to a tiered one can contact AT&T and have their old data plan reinstated.

att iphone get unlimited data back again

The move is not being actively publicized by AT&T, nor will the company confirm the activity. iPhone users report that a quick phone call was all it took to get unlimited data back if they had it before. To reinstate your unlimited data plan call 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 directly from your iPhone.

European Wireless Carriers Miffed by iPhone Data Usage

Could it be revenge for Apple's suggestion that iPhones carry embedded SIM cards? European wireless carriers are concerned about the heavy bandwidth-usage devices operating on their networks, and have suggested that companies like Apple pay for network upgrades. It's no secret that iPhone owners download a lot of data.

What's new is that wireless carriers including France Telecom, Telecom Italia, and Vodafone are suggesting that Apple, Facebook, Google and Yahoo among others pay a usage-based fee on their networks. Wireless companies are worried that as mobile usage grows and per-customer revenue decreases, the cost of providing adequate network upgrades may overwhelm their business model.

AT&T Notifies iPhone Owners of Class Action Settlement

AT&T Mobility contacted iPhone owners via text message to let them know of a pending settlement over taxes charged to subscribers from 2005-2010. Other smartphone data plans, laptop connect cards and pay-per-use services are also affected by the lawsuit. iPhone owners could receive a check in the mail after the settlement is approved in March 2011.

apple iphone at&t mobility class action

Participants in the settlement have a few options. Doing nothing will result in the settlement benefits being paid by check to the wireless subscriber. If the AT&T customer wants to, they can exclude themselves from the settlement, write feedback to the court about the settlement, or ask to speak in court about the fairness of the agreement.


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