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How to Jailbreak iOS 7 / iPhone 5s with Evasi0n on Mac OS X

The evad3rs have done it again. This time, the evasi0n 7 release was a surprise, shocking many in the iOS jailbreak community. Officially, evasi0n 7 will jailbreak any iOS device untethered running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.6. Pre-release firmware iOS 7.1 beta1 and 7.1 beta2 are also supported.

evasi0n7 iphone 5s jailbreak

For Mac users looking to jailbreak their iOS devices, OS X version 10.5 or later is required. While the list of iOS 7 compatible tweaks and apps might be limited at this time, the number is sure to grow in the coming weeks as developers work with the new jailbreak.

Get Burst Mode on the iOS 6 Camera App

One of the great new iOS 7 features on the iPhone 5s is burst mode. iPhone photographers can snap up to 10 frames per second if they're sporting the latest Apple hardware. Now there's a jailbreak tweak that brings some of this burst mode functionality to devices running iOS 6.1.2 or earlier.

BurstMode tweak Cydia iOS

BurstMode is a free tweak that adds some useful functions to the stock Camera app. Once installed, several settings provide options for how BurstMode behaves when taking a photo. Of course, the BurstMode tweak can be completely disabled thanks to a toggle. When enabled, holding down the shutter release button or volume button will snap continuous pictures.

DNDPro Brings More Control to iOS Do Not Disturb

Frequent Do Not Disturb users might be wondering how they can gain more control over the feature. Luckily for those running iOS 6.1.2 or earlier the DNDPro jailbreak tweak does the trick. Installing this free package will add two new options to the stock Do Not Disturb settings. These same items will also appear in their own location under Settings -> DND Pro.

DNDPro tweak Cydia iOS

DNDPro revolves around enabling Do Not Disturb mode while using specific apps. This means that notifications can be turned off automatically while an application is in use on the device. Closing the app will turn Do Not Disturb mode off again, resuming normal alerts and phone calls.

Add Quick Settings Shortcuts to iOS With MultiShortcut

When it comes to quickly accessing iOS Settings, there are many options available on a jailbroken device. Toggles and other shortcuts can make burrowing through multiple Settings menus to change one item a thing of the past. MultiShortcut adds another free option for those looking to change settings in a flash.

MultiShortcut tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, MultiShortcut adds 32 instant shortcuts right to the iOS home screen. How is this accomplished? Touch and hold the Settings icon and the list of shortcuts appears. Scroll to the desired item and select to instantly access this portion of Settings. There's also a Close button to dismiss the menu and skip entering Settings if needed.

AlarmControl Toggles iOS Alarms In One Swoop

Does your jailbroken iPhone have a long list of alarms set up in the Clock app? Sometimes things can get disorganized, with some alarms on and others off. Scrolling through this list is easy enough, but the AlarmControl tweak makes things even easier. All alarms can be toggled immediately with just one button at the top of the screen.

AlarmControl tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, AlarmControl will add this Toggle Alarms button to the Clock app, right next to the add new alarm (+) button. Tap the toggle once, and all alarms are off. Tap it again, and every alarm will be turned on, it's that simple. Imagine going on vacation and touching a single button to keep your iOS alarm clock silent for the entire trip.


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