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iPhone 5 Bezel Leaked: More Evidence of Larger Screen?

iDealsChina has revealed an image they claim is China's first iPhone 5 photo. Seen below, the part is wrapped in plastic and looks to have a familiar iPhone screen profile. 9to5 Mac explains the part may be a digitizer panel for the next generation Apple iPhone.

apple iphone 5 part leaked bezel

The black bezel on the part is noticeably thinner on all sides, matching previous reports from DigiTimes and others claiming that Apple is developing a 4-inch screen for the iPhone 5. A larger Retina display would compete with a variety of Android devices that already offer 4-inch screens.

iPhone 4G Replacement Screen Featured in Video

The dimensions of the next generation iPhone already made news when alleged photos of a 4G replacement touchscreen and digitizer were released. The newer version was 1/4 inch (6 mm) taller than its predecessor and appeared to have space at the top or even a cutout for a possible front-facing camera.

Now a video of the same part has hit YouTube, and the appearance of the replacement LCD and digitizer assembly looks very similar to the photos we've already seen. Soundtrack selection notwithstanding, this video clearly shows an elongated iPhone screen. That being said, Apple has been known to change specs on its products anytime before launch and will never let on before an official unveiling.

iPhone 4G Part Photos Show New Dimensions

Will the next iPhone model be taller than its predecessors by a quarter inch (6 mm)? If these photos are to be believed, iResQ has received fourth-generation parts that show an iPhone with additional space at the top of the device.

apple iphone 4G parts

iResQ acquired the parts as a sample from what they describe as a "reputable source" and note the fact that Apple could still change the design of the next generation iPhone before official release. Pictured above are parts from a 3GS on the left and a 4G iPhone on the right.

iPhone 3.0 Concept Illustrates Black Bezel Look

Twitpic user Carniphage has posted a mockup to MacRumors of what the next generation iPhone 3.0 might look like, based on the "4G" bezel that appeared on the website of a Chinese parts seller. Here's the artist's rendition:

apple iphone 3.0 black bezel

Great work, especially using only a few photos of the black iPhone bezel as a basis for the concept. The shape of the black bezel is clearly different from the iPhone 3G, with the speaker much closer to the edge of the device.


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