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How to restore the iOS 7 app switcher


The iOS 9 app switcher is not without its faults. Some iPhone owners, especially those with smaller screens, have complained that switching apps is difficult. The problem arises due to overlapping app cards combined with overly fluid motion. Sometimes scrolling between apps results in having to go back and forth several times, as the targeted app card is missed or floats by too quickly. The jailbreak tweak AppSwitcher7 solves these problems by resurrecting a previous app switcher design.

Get the iOS 6 app switcher with VintageSwitcher

VintageSwitcher Cydia

Now that iOS has reached version nine, some long-time iPhone users are feeling nostalgic for the classic look and feel of iOS 6. It was over two years ago when Apple took a dramatic turn and transitioned their mobile operating system to a flat interface. Not all of the changes were cosmetic, as aspects of iOS such as the app switcher saw functional changes. Now anyone who misses the old app switcher can bring it back with the jailbreak tweak VintageSwitcher.

Bring back the iOS 6 camera shutter animation

ClassicShutterAnimation Cydia

Some jailbreak tweaks are purely cosmetic, and ClassicShutterAnimation falls squarely into this category. Anyone who misses the skeuomorphic design of iOS 6 will remember how Apple animated the Camera app. With every shutter release, fake aperture diaphragm blades appeared signaling the photo was captured. While this may have been charming, the animation was abandoned in 2013 with the release of iOS 7.

Add 3D Touch gestures to iPhone notifications

3D Touch Notifications peek

The jailbreak tweak 3D Touch Notifications offers a new way to interact with iOS notifications from the Notification Center or lock screen. Once installed, peek and pop on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can be accessed from the Notification Center just like native 3D Touch. A press will preview the notification contents, and a deep press opens the app.

Search from anywhere in iOS with TextSearchPro


Searching the web or finding the definition of a word on the iPhone most often involves opening Safari. Another way to find information fast is to ask Siri for help. Like many jailbreak tweaks, TextSearchPro seeks to streamline things using an Activator action. Once installed, searching for a word or term can be initiated at any time, from anywhere within iOS.


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