iPhone Tweaks

Use an Activator action to open an iOS folder


The jailbreak tweak FolderJumper brings a new shortcut to iOS users. Once installed and configured, any folder on the iOS home screen can be opened instantly using an Activator gesture. For anyone who frequently uses particular folders, FolderJumper can save several steps when accessing these locations. The magic happens after placing the folder names into a list under settings.

Replace red iOS badges with custom labels


Sometimes default red iOS badges can pile up, cluttering the home screen. There are many options for jailbreakers to customize the size, location and color of notification badges. Some tweaks take this one step further, completely changing the look and feel of notifications. Goodges seeks to create "good badges", offering a variety of customization options once installed.

Get an iOS flashlight icon automatically in the dark


One of the most convenient features of the iPhone is the LED flashlight. While it's easy to switch on using the Control Center, it takes a few taps to make this happen. Since iOS 8 was launched the lock screen automatically offers app icons in the lower left corner. Now the jailbreak tweak Flash brilliantly combines these two features into one.

Get an Android App Drawer on the iPhone

Android App Drawer iOS 9

iPhone owners may not be familiar with the App Drawer or App Tray found on Android devices. In a nutshell, the App Drawer provides a central location to view and launch all installed apps. Now iOS 9 users can enjoy this same convenience using the appropriately named jailbreak tweak AppDrawer. Once installed, a single app icon labeled Apps appears on the iOS home screen.

Fern launches apps from anywhere in iOS 9


App launchers are a popular category when it comes to jailbreak tweaks. Fern throws its hat in the ring with a two-part launcher, providing easy access to favorite apps. The launcher is invoked with an Activator action. Once displayed, swiping left or right on Fern will display the favorite apps or the complete app list.


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