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Add more 3D Touch shortcuts to the Camera app

CamTouch UnlimShortcut

3D Touch shortcut menus give iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users a fast way to access commonly used functions without opening an app. The iOS Camera app is one example, with four shortcuts listed: Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo, and Take Photo. Obviously there are some Camera options missing, but this is because 3D Touch menus are limited to four actions system-wide. Prolific camera jailbreak developer PoomSmart seeks to change all of this with two tweaks.

Take photos right from the home screen with 3D Touch

Point-and-Shoot 3D Touch camera

The shortcuts provided by 3D Touch on the iOS Camera app can speed up the image capture process. Installing the jailbreak tweak Point-and-Shoot brings this concept to a whole new level, bypassing the Camera app entirely. Options to Take Photo or Take Selfie will open a live viewfinder directly from the 3D Touch shortcut menu. The action takes place directly on the home screen, right next to the Camera icon.

Automatically schedule iOS Do Not Disturb during Calendar events


Do Not Disturb (DnD) mode can help minimize distraction and noise from the iPhone at specific times. By default, DnD can only be scheduled for Quiet Hours during one time period per day. The jailbreak tweak MeetingDnD vastly expands the utility of iOS DnD by enabling silence automatically based on events scheduled in the Calendar. This means the iPhone will automatically enter DnD mode during important meetings or at other predefined times during the day.

How to use iOS 9 Split View on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini

Split View iPhone

With Split View, the latest iPad models are capable of more powerful multitasking abilities. The iOS 9 feature puts two open apps side-by-side, so they can be utilized at the same time. The only drawback to Split View is that older hardware has been locked out of the feature. This includes the first iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch, all of which cannot run Split View. So how can one activate this feature on all iOS 9 devices?

Get retro Super Mario sounds on the iPhone


Custom message tones based on retro video games are nothing new, however 1UP brings the concept to a new level. iPhone owners with jailbroken devices can install 1UP for a unique trip down Nintendo memory lane. Not only will 1UP replace the Messages notification tone with the Super Mario coin sound effect, on the tenth notification something special happens. Mario earns an extra life!


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