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Hulu to support offline viewing in update

Hulu download feature iOS

Hulu subscribers may have already noticed a big upgrade to their iPhone and iPad apps. The latest update has brought individual user profiles, making it easier to separate preferences for the whole family. Apple device owners will soon enjoy another added feature: downloadable content for offline viewing. The move comes hot on the heels of competitor Netflix, which has already implemented the feature for certain licensed movies and shows.

AT&T announces Stream Saver video throttling

AT&T Mobility Stream Saver

Starting next year, customers on the AT&T network will have an opportunity to reduce their data plan usage while streaming video. AT&T plans to reduce video quality when streaming video is detected, throttling video quality at around DVD-level (480p). The feature will be optional, however AT&T will enable Stream Saver by default as soon as the service launches.

How to rotate iPhone videos

How to rotate an iPhone video recording.

Anybody who has started a video recording with their iPhone or iPad and promptly decided to switch from portrait orientation to landscape (or vice-versa), has found upon replay that the orientation didn't change, resulting in the majority of the video being sideways. Even though everything looks fine during the recording process, it doesn't translate to the finished product - an issue that Apple perhaps will address at some point.

The best video editing apps for iPhone

Video editing apps iOS

It wasn't long ago that the idea of editing video on a mobile phone was absurd. The iPhone has changed the game in so many areas and mobile video editing is no exception.

There are, however, some obvious difficulties that go along with mobile video editing. The screen size is the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, iPhone screen sizes received a significant bump a few years ago, but the size is still less than ideal for full on video editing.

How to download Amazon Prime movies to iPhone and watch offline

How to download and watch Amazon Prime movies on your iPhone offline.

Until recently, some of the most popular content streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon would not allow movies and TV shows to be downloaded for offline viewing, much to the disappointment of their subscribers. While Netflix and Hulu haven't budged from their position, Amazon broke from the pack last September by adding Prime Video downloads to its mobile app, which allows Amazon Prime members to download content to their iPhones or iPads and watch it even when an internet connection isn't available or is too lousy for streaming video.


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