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CBS Releases Official iOS Streaming App

CBS has launched a free, full-episode streaming app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This universal app will stream content from the network over any data connection, including 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi. Some episodes will be available just 24 hours after broadcast, with others delayed eight days.

CBS app free iOS

Many favorite shows including Survivor, Two and a Half Men, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Young and the Restless, NCIS, The Amazing Race, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will be available free of charge using the CBS app. The network plans to launch similar streaming apps for other mobile platforms such as Android and Windows 8 later this year.

Cycloramic Automatically Spins the iPhone 5

Believe it or not your iPhone 5 can automatically take a panoramic video thanks to the Cycloramic app. Operation is simple enough, just select how many times you want the iPhone 5 to spin around, and decide which camera you want to record from (front or back). The app takes care of the rest.

iOS app Cycloramic spin

Tapping GO makes the iPhone start spinning around slowly completely hands free, while recording a video to your camera roll. Although it works on older iPhones, the app is recommended for the iPhone 5, which spins properly thanks to how the vibration motor is designed. To make the app work, you must also have Settings -> Sounds -> Vibrate on Ring set to ON.

VLC Media Player App Coming Back to Apple iOS?

One of the more versatile video applications to be released for iOS, VLC Media Player was launched in late 2010 by Applidium. Unfortunately for VLC fans the app was pulled due to wording the General Public License (GPL). Now according to a report by Cult of Mac the app could return to the App Store.

VLC Media Player iOS

The open-source GPL didn't allow Applidium to distribute VLC Media Player in the App Store, since Apple controls content in the store with Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls. VideoLAN, the creators of VLC have since changed the licensing on their software over to the Lesser General Public License (LGPL), opening the door for developers like Applidium to distribute apps built on the software in venues like the App Store.

Watch the Summer Olympics on Your iPhone or iPad

If you're a retro video game fan you might remember playing Summer Games from Epyx. Well now you can watch the real thing on your iPhone or iPad with two new apps from NBC Olympics. Featuring everything you need to know about the London 2012 Olympic Games, the first app is called NBC Olympics.

iPhone iPad watch Summer Olympics

This app will include highlights, schedules for TV and online programming, live event results, columns and features a Primetime Companion designed to be used while watching the games on TV. The second app, NBC Olympics Live Extra, will stream live events for cable, satellite and telco TV customers totaling over 3,500 hours of sporting competition.

SloPro App Records Slow Motion on iPhone 4S

Looking to record real slow motion video at 60 fps (frames per second)? Thanks to SloPro from Sand Mountain Studios, your iPhone 4S can now handle the job at 720p HD resolution. Unlike editing software that slows down standard 30 fps video after the fact, SloPro actually records high quality, smooth slow motion directly.

iPhone app slow motion video recording

The higher frame rate can be toggled at any time by pressing the volume down button while recording video. Just like the camera roll, videos recorded with SloPro can be trimmed, and the slow motion can be changed after recording is complete.


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