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VLC Media Player for iPhone Now Available

VLC Media Player has been updated to 1.1.0 and is now a universal app. The developers, Applidium made news recently with the launch of VLC for the iPad and now they have delivered on their promise to extend VLC functionality to all iOS devices including the iPhone. VLC media player is free, open source, and known for playing almost any video format imaginable.

apple iphone app vlc media player

Now you can play different video files without first converting them to the normal iPhone video format. Although it takes more steps than just adding videos with iTunes, ultimately it simplifies playing a variety of video formats on the iPhone. To start, just install the free VLC universal app on your iPhone from iTunes.

Video Calling Comes to iPhone

Many had speculated that the iPhone 3GS would have a front-facing camera and feature video calling, however this did not come to fruition. Now fring has released the first-ever video calling application for the iPhone.

Fring works with Google Talk, Skype, Facebook and AIM and has supported VoiP communications since the beginning. Version 3.0 with video chat support works with any iPhone running firmware 3.0 or later.

mSpot Launches iPhone Streaming Movie Rentals

Looks like mSpot has beaten Netflix to the punch. mSpot Mobile Movies will stream movie rentals to your iPhone or any of 30 compatible mobile devices. The movies are delivered over Wi-Fi or 3G connections on demand.

iphone streaming movie rental mspot

To test your mobile device for compatibility, mSpot sends a text message with a link to the service (iPhone users can enter the URL directly into Safari). Movie Club members can purchase credits that expire at the end of the month if unused. A more expensive option is a one-time rental of $4.99. The movie can be watched for 24-48 hours depending on the film.

ZGrip for iPhone: Shoot Video Like a Pro

Just when you thought you didn't need anything else for your iPhone 3GS, along comes Zacuto with the must-have video accessory of the century. Behold, the ZGrip iPhone PRO.

zgrip apple iphone 3GS video

This professional grade videographer pistol grip secures the iPhone 3GS and provides a firm, stable platform for shooting hours of video. An optional tripod attachment is compatible with the ZGrip iPhone PRO and allows you to hook the entire setup to your own tripod.

MiLi Pro Micro Projector Coming for iPhone

This September, PhoneSuit plans to release its MiLi Pro portable video projector for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The entire device folds up and has its own speakers and swappable battery.

apple iphone projector phonesuit

The iPhone or iPod Touch docks directly into the accessory. There's also a VGA or RCA input on the side of the miniature projector, allowing it to be used with a computer or DVD player, etc.


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