Use iOS screen captures like sticky notes with Snapper

Snappy 2

The sequel to Snapper greatly enhances the built-in iOS screenshot taking feature. Snapper 2 makes it possible to grab a screen capture like normal, or to crop a subset of the display before the screen shot is saved. Besides just taking custom-sized screenshots, the real power of Snapper is on display when utilizing the cropped screen grabs (snaps) as a Post-it note. Multiple snaps can float on the screen when using another app, providing a window into the captured information from anywhere.

Clex music controller updated for iOS 9


Music controls can normally be accessed from anywhere in iOS 9 using the Control Center. Developers have taken this concept and run with it, creating many alternative music interfaces for jailbroken devices. The latest iteration of Clex continues the trend, opening up a whole new world of music control. Different parts of the tweak are invoked by swiping directly from the left or right edge of the iPhone screen. Besides a play button, vast amounts of information regarding the currently playing music is accessible.

Change the iOS 9 app switcher with Griddy

Griddy settings

Modifying or improving the iOS app switcher has been a favorite pastime of jailbreak developers over the years. Griddy is no different, bringing a grid-styled organization to the app switcher. This tweak provides a variety of customization options, but fundamentally it seeks to replace the overlapping app cards layout featured in iOS 9. Instead, Griddy puts app cards next to each other with the most recently used apps shown first. Once installed, the settings provide a built-in guide on how to use the tweak along with a bevy of different options.

Customize the iPhone app switcher with Lylac

Lylac settings

The jailbreak tweak Lylac brings the app switcher and Control Center into one place for easy access to both. Like other tweaks of its type, fusing the two features of iOS into one place is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many feature additions and customization possibilities with Lylac. iPhone 6s users can even enjoy additional 3D Touch shortcuts to bring up recently used apps. Once installed, Lylac is configured in Settings.

Add more 3D Touch shortcuts to the Camera app

CamTouch UnlimShortcut

3D Touch shortcut menus give iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users a fast way to access commonly used functions without opening an app. The iOS Camera app is one example, with four shortcuts listed: Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo, and Take Photo. Obviously there are some Camera options missing, but this is because 3D Touch menus are limited to four actions system-wide. Prolific camera jailbreak developer PoomSmart seeks to change all of this with two tweaks.


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