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How to convert Live Photos to GIF and other formats

Lively app iOS

Apple’s recent take on revolutionizing photos is magical, but there is one glaring issue for most people. As neat as Live Photos are, the format is still unsupported in many places. Say you wanted to send a Live Photo to your friend who uses something besides an iPhone. You would be out of luck.

This article covers how you can convert your Live Photos to the popular GIF format along with other popular formats so you can share them practically anywhere.

How to create stills and duplicates of Live Photos in iOS 9.3

How to duplicate photos in iOS 9.3.

The new Nightshift mode stole the show with the recent release of iOS 9.3 and, after that, most attention focused on the new ability to password protect the Notes app. While those two were the main attraction, there were plenty of other smaller changes and additions including tweaks to News, Health and CarPlay.

How to crop Live Photos and keep them moving

Live Crop app

Editing Live Photos on the iPhone can be tricky business. For one, any time the image is cropped the motion stops. Restoring the live part of the Live Photo means avoiding this change, or reverting to the original. While some of the other iOS editing tools don't have this effect, there is a simple way to crop Live Photos and keep them moving.

How to share Live Photos on Facebook

How to post live photos on Facebook.

Apple enthusiastically introduced Live Photos last September along with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The feature allows users to create short videos around their stills by recording 1.5 seconds of video before and after the still image. The resulting three second clip adds an extra dimension to the image, giving life to the moment. While many consider it gimmicky (and a storage hog), the feature certainly has its place and, like any other photo or video, fans of it will want to share their moments.

How to share Live Photos on Instagram

How to share live photos on Instagram.

When the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus debuted last September, Live Photos was one of the highly touted new features that was introduced. The Live Photos camera setting allows users to liven up a photo and more fully capture a moment by recording 1.5 seconds before and after the still image. The three second clips are not so easy to share yet however, as viewing them currently requires an iOS 9 device.


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