Moga Teases New iOS 7 Bluetooth Controller

Moga has released a teaser image for its second iOS 7 controller. The image clearly shows a Bluetooth button which suggests the new gamepad will be a wireless device, unlike the Moga Ace Power which requires a Lightning connection. This also hopefully means it will work with all iOS 7 devices including the iPad. Moga's first iOS 7 controller the Ace Power only supports the iPhone 5 and later and fifth-generation iPod.

Moga iOS Controller

Currently the SteelSeries Stratus is the only universal iOS 7 controller on the market. Other devices like ClameCase's GameCase and Logitech's PowerShell all need to be attached to an iPhone or iPod to work.

Moga Unveils Ace Power iPhone Gamepad With iOS 7 Support

Moga has officially unveiled its iPhone game controller and is now accepting pre-registration for the device. The Moga Ace Power is one of the first controllers to work with Apple's MFi (Made for iOS) gamepad support in iOS 7. It is compatible with the iPhone 5 and later and the fifth-generation iPod.

Moga Ace Power

The controller connects to your iPhone or iPod via the Lightning port, and it features its own 1,800mAh battery that charges while you play. The gamepad includes dual analog sticks, a D-pad, four buttons and left and right top buttons.

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