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What will the iPhone 5 look like in September?

Sources describing the next iPhone have fallen into two camps, those who predict a complete redesign from Apple, and others claiming the device will remain much like the iPhone 4. Despite the appearance of several mockups indicating a radical departure from the current design, recent evidence points to a step change and possibly even a name that's more modest: the iPhone 4S. Much like the iPhone 3GS was just an iPhone 3G with improved hardware inside, it's looking more likely Apple could take this route with the next device.

iphone 5 mockup slim iPod touch

The design above illustrates one of the possible departures from the current iPhone 4 form factor, leading the next handset more in the direction of the iPod touch or iPad 2. Other designs have been described by some in the industry with mysterious sources at Apple and elsewhere that show a similar theme, metal back and slim profile without the silver external antenna so commonly discussed on the current model.

More Reports of Delayed iPhone 5 Launch

AppleInsider predicts that Apple could wait until October or later to release the fifth-generation iPhone. Apparently the company has not ordered any parts for the iPhone 5 yet, making a summer launch unlikely. According to the report, the iPhone 5 will launch during the first half of Apple's 2012 fiscal year, which starts at the end of September.

Apple WWDC 2011 iPhone 5 delay

Putting off the iPhone 5 until after the holiday retail season could cost Apple sales during a season when consumers are typically anxious to spend money on new gadgets. Rumors of a September iPhone 5 launch surfaced previously, however the iPad 2 did not get released over the summer as some had anticipated.

iPhone 5 Begins Production as Hardware Details Leak

China Times reports that the iPhone 5 has entered a trial production phase and will feature a larger screen. Purported iPhone 5 parts have already leaked that seem to match the claim of a four-inch screen. The iPhone 5 itself is expected to have a similar form factor as the current model, with the display reaching all the way to the edge of the device.

apple iphone 5 mockup four inch screen

The rendering above by Piotrek Photos shows how a larger iPhone 5 screen might compare to the current iPhone 4 display. This news comes as the New York Times has confirmed Apple is working on near-field communication (NFC) technology so that future iPhones can easily make wireless mobile payments at specially equipped cash registers. The NFC hardware would be integrated with the iPhone processor and linked directly to the owner's iTunes account.

Leaked Drawings Show Larger iPhone 5 Screen

iDealsChina has released more iPhone 5 images depicting a larger display on the next generation device. They claim the renderings are mold engineering drawings intended for case manufacturers that detail the design of the iPhone 5. Pictured below, these computer renderings show what looks to be essentially the iPhone 4 profile with a larger screen.

apple iphone 5 leaked CAD drawings big display

The display comes right up to the edge of the device, whereas with current iPhone 4 models there's a black gap between the screen and silver antenna frame. Reports have speculated that Apple intends to compete with several Android devices recently launched with 4-inch displays. The purported leaked images seem to match photos of a iPhone 5 bezel also showing a larger screen opening.

iPhone 5 to Feature Aluminum Back, New Antenna?

Previous reports have indicated the iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned by Apple. Now Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese publication, cites sources who say the next generation iPhone will have an aluminum back. This would bring the iPhone 5 in line with recent iPod touch and iPad 2 designs and highlight one of Apple's favorite materials.

apple iphone 5 rendering aluminum back

A move back to aluminum would also reduce durability problems experienced by users of the iPhone 4 and its glass back. The conceptual rendering above by Taiyo-Fujii is unrelated to statements by Chinese manufacturing insiders, however it clearly receives its cues from the iPad 2. The original iPhone featured an aluminum back along with a plastic bottom to help alleviate reception issues with the internal antenna.


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