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iPhone 4G Replacement Screen Featured in Video

The dimensions of the next generation iPhone already made news when alleged photos of a 4G replacement touchscreen and digitizer were released. The newer version was 1/4 inch (6 mm) taller than its predecessor and appeared to have space at the top or even a cutout for a possible front-facing camera.

Now a video of the same part has hit YouTube, and the appearance of the replacement LCD and digitizer assembly looks very similar to the photos we've already seen. Soundtrack selection notwithstanding, this video clearly shows an elongated iPhone screen. That being said, Apple has been known to change specs on its products anytime before launch and will never let on before an official unveiling.

Report: Apple iPhone Coming to Verizon Wireless in 2010

The furor over a Verizon Wireless compatible iPhone refuses to calm down. None other than the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported today that a CDMA-capable iPhone is indeed under development by Apple and will see release in the US this year. The Verizon iPhone will be one of two new models introduced during Apple's annual iPhone product line refresh this summer.

apple iphone verizon carrier

Apple (AAPL) and Verizon (VZ) jumped one percent after the news release, while AT&T shares (T) lost almost the same amount. AT&T is currently the exclusive carrier for Apple's iPhone in the US. Speculation and rumors have swirled around a Verizon version of the iPhone for months, if not years now.

Apple iPhone 4.0: Multitasking for Third-Party Apps!

As any iPhone user knows, only bundled Apple software like the iPod app will run in the background while your phone is doing other things. Now AppleInsider reports this is all about to change.

Apple iPhone 4G

Third-party applications will be allowed to run in the background in iPhone OS 4.0, the next step in iPhone firmware development. Although version 3.0 is capable of full multitasking, Apple has limited all but its own apps from staying open while running other software. Right now the Phone, Messages, iPod, Voice Memos, and Mail apps run in the background, along with some others.

Latest iPhone OS 4.0 Rumors Pick Up Steam

Could it be that Apple plans to reveal iPhone OS 4.0 as early as March 14th? Multiple sources have received anonymous tips pointing towards a demo of the new OS by Apple next month. This date roughly coincides with the first iPad ship date, and has led to speculation that iPhone OS 4.0 may ship on the new device.

Apple iPhone 4G

Apple has typically announced updates to its iPhone hardware in June. This year should be no different and the company is expected to reveal its fourth-generation iPhone on schedule. What has thrown industry watchers off track is that the iPad was announced in January running iPhone OS 3.2. This operating system is not yet available Apple's heralded smartphone.

iPhone 4G Part Photos Show New Dimensions

Will the next iPhone model be taller than its predecessors by a quarter inch (6 mm)? If these photos are to be believed, iResQ has received fourth-generation parts that show an iPhone with additional space at the top of the device.

apple iphone 4G parts

iResQ acquired the parts as a sample from what they describe as a "reputable source" and note the fact that Apple could still change the design of the next generation iPhone before official release. Pictured above are parts from a 3GS on the left and a 4G iPhone on the right.


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